Adding dynamism to robotic drives

17 January 2022

maxon has introduced a frameless BLDC motor with matching encoder for use in dynamic applications.

The DT50 is the precursor of a new product family developed specifically for dynamic movements. The brushless motor with its frameless concept can be easily integrated into a range of applications. It is said to be well suited to use in applications where speeds can change in an instant, in collaborative robots or exo-skeletons, for example. 

When installed, the EC frameless DT50 reaches a nominal torque of over 500 mNm at a nominal speed of 4,000rpm. This is despite a stator outside diameter of only 50mm. At the same time, the new winding tech-nology enables a very short motor length with a very large hollow shaft of 28mm. 

The TSX-MAG encoder completes the EC frameless DT50. It is a new through-shaft encoder that is not installed directly on the motor axis (off-axis installation). This gives engineers great freedom when it comes to design. The encoder can generate both Hall signals and incremental signals, which allows field-oriented commutation of the motor. More versions of the TSX-MAG and additional drive combinations will follow soon. 

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