Video describes open automation transformation with FDT 3.0

12 September 2021

The FDT Group has the released a video describing open automation transformation enabled by next generation FDT 3.0 Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions.

FDT 3.0 is a platform-independent, single-server, cloud-based solution offering the freedom to use innovation to support new and existing manufacturing infrastructure through a smart, connected ecosystem of integrated machines and devices for the process, hybrid, and discrete industries. 

The video explains FDT 3.0’s position in the industrial automation marketplace and how it is helping to meet emerging IIoT and Industry 4.0 automation requirements.

“Innovation doesn’t come from one technology, one solution, or one person; instead, it’s a collaborative result of technologies, solutions, and people working together with an innovative mindset supporting a great mission,” said Glenn Schulz, FDT Group managing director. “That’s just what our organisation and collaborative technology standard does, and what our video demonstrates. FDT’s secure, data-centric platform runs behind the scenes at the core of any automation architecture, harmonising technologies, solutions, and people for today’s infrastructure and tomorrow’s intelligent enterprise.”

FDT 3.0 Server and FDT 3.0 DTM-based architectures securely unlock open automation transformation employing a natively integrated OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) Server for enterprise access to IT/OT real-time device data and a Web Server mobilising field device operation with browser access for modern asset management practices. FDT 3.0 Desktop environments ensure backwards compatibility, allowing the industry to freely mix and match different generations of DTMs and other device representations utilising familiar, user-friendly device management interfaces. The standard employs multi-layered security to safeguard critical automation information and operating data.

With the updated FDT 3.0 standard, the FDT solution has become platform independent by transitioning the fundamental technology on which it is built from the Windows based .NET Framework to an open .NET Core as well as HTML5 and JavaScript. The use of these underlying technologies allows FDT to empower the intelligent enterprise with innovative business models supporting the new era of automation.

To view the new FDT video, click here 

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