Whitepaper on Business Impact of TSN in IIoT

30 April 2019

Avnu Alliance, an industry consortium driving open, standards-based deterministic networking, has produced a new technical whitepaper, titled Avnu Alliance Business Impact Whitepaper on Time Sensitive Networking: New tools to manage and converge networks, improve performance and reduce costs.

Understanding why TSN is so important to the operational structure is essential to making business technology choices that allow companies to move forward with the future of IIoT.
The whitepaper, authored by Avnu industrial segment members Intel and Rockwell Automation, explores a variety of topics such as the history of Ethernet protocols, cost-savings models and the potential business impact of TSN, how to realise the promise of IIoT.
The full PDF version of the whitepaper is available for download on the Avnu Alliance website at https://avnu.org/business-impact-paper.

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