Industrial tooling smart hub for assembly line production

30 September 2018

Desoutter Industrial Tools has introduced an industrial smart hub for assembly line production. Called CONNECT, it is designed to boost flexibility, uptime and productivity.

CONNECT hub provides a single point of connection for communications between the factory network and up to 20 Desoutter tooling solutions, making customisation and line rebalancing simpler. Managing all items, actions and information relating to assembly line activities, CONNECT also features a high degree of traceability and data security.
Commenting on the new solution, Yohan Verdon, vice president at Desoutter said: “CONNECT enables multi-tool management with more connectivity and flexibility than anything in my experience: and with less hardware required on the production line, installation is simplified and cost of ownership is reduced.”

The new smart hub is available in two models – CONNECT-W embeds a wireless access point and can activate up to 10 Tightening Units, which means that up to 10 cordless devices can be connected and used. CONNECT-X requires an external wireless access point and can activate up to 20 Tightening Units, which means that up to 20 cordless devices can be connected and used.
Each device is assigned a Tightening Unit on the CONNECT platform, which acts as its eco-system and contains all items, actions, and information related to it. It can therefore be customised, programmed, interrogated or reassigned without the need to reconfigure the whole system.
A new cordless device can be added without disrupting others already running on the line.  It takes just ten seconds to pair up to CONNECT using RFID technology, which makes line rebalancing easy.
Application-based customisation is a key feature of the new smart hub, offering a scalable and flexible solution which allows customers to add new features whenever the requirements on their production lines change.  Users have the option to add what further features they need to customize the hub whenever they want, thanks to Desoutter feature management.
For more information about CONNECT, visit or watch our video demonstration here:

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