Mass flow meters and controllers for gases

18 September 2018

The Mass Stream range of instruments from Bronkhorst operate on the basis of direct through-flow measurement in accordance with the constant temperature anemometer principle. They contain no moving parts and the measured gases pass the two stainless steel sensor probes directly, without bypass.

As a result, the gases are unhindered on their flow path. This is said to make the series particularly suitable for applications with low pressure loss as well as less sensitive to moisture and particulate contamination than thermal mass flow instruments with a bypass sensor. 

The electronics casing has a robust design with an IP65 level of protection (dustproof and splash waterproof). The mass flow meters and controllers can be supplied with an optional integrated multifunctional display. On the new D-6390 model, the maximum measuring range has been expanded to 10,000 ln/min air equivalent. Analogue I/O signals as well as an RS232 interface are provided by default. In addition, an interface with DeviceNet, PROFIBUS DP, Modbus or FLOW-BUS protocols can be integrated.

Typical applications are said to include gas consumption measurements, aeration and purging processes or natural gas/biogas applications.

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