C-programmable I/O controller module

04 July 2016

Artila Electronics has released RIO-2015PG, the new FreeRTOS programmable remote I/O module. It is powered by a 32-bit ARM Cortex M4 processor equipped with 256KB SRAM, 3MB Flash and FreeRTOS real time operating system.

The industrial I/O of RIO-2015PG features one 10/100 MHz Ethernet port, one RS-232, one isolated RS-485, four isolated analogue input channels, two isolated analogue output channels, four isolated digital input and two channels of relay and one 1-wire interface for temperature or humidity sensors.

RIO-2015PG is shipped with a FreeRTOS+lwIP board support package (BSP), device manager utility and example programs. Users can download the Toolchain, Atmel Studio from Atmel web site. A customer-ready application web server is also available.

Example programs to demonstrate serial and Ethernet data communication, Web configuration and I/O controls are available in the RIO-2015PG application development kit. The device manager utility featuring device discovery, network configuration, user’s web page and firmware upload is also included. An example program, which demonstrates how to push sensor data to IBM Bluemix using MQTT, is also included for quick sensor to cloud application development.

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