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Ocean Optics develops miniature Flame-NIR spectrometer for food production

22 March 2016

- Powerful affordable NIR analysis for food quality and integrity -

Ocean Optics has expanded its Flame spectrometer family. Flame-NIR delivers powerful near infrared spectroscopy in a compact, affordable instrument. Costing around 75 per cent less than a traditional NIR system, Flame-NIR pairs a high-performance uncooled InGaAs array detector with a small optical bench for spectral response from 950-1650 nm. Flame-NIR’s spectral sensing can be used in agricultural to gauge crop readiness and characterisation, and in food production to ensure quality and ingredient integrity. The compact Flame-NIR can be used in quality labs or integrated on production lines.


Flame-NIR is sensitive, fast and easy to use for a multitude of measurements within food and agriculture:

  • Quantifying sugar, moisture, protein, acidity, vitamin C in fruits and vegetables;
  • Screening for internal rot, pests, and ripeness in produce;
  • Identifying and classifying seeds, grains, and pulses;
  • Confirming species of fish;
  • Distinguishing between thawed and fresh fish, identifying artificially-boosted water content in fish, and measuring fat and protein content of meats;
  • Gauging cheese ripeness, and measuring fat and protein in milk.


Unlike other lower-cost NIR spectrometers, Flame-NIR uses an InGaAs diode array detector for high sensitivity with concurrent measurement of all wavelengths. It also delivers high thermal stability and low unit-to-unit variation without compromising the flexibility and configurability that are the hallmark of modular, miniature spectrometers. Spectrometers come preconfigured or custom configured, with a replaceable slit design that enables users to adjust resolution and throughput on demand. Complete systems, including accessories such as fibres and light sources, can be configured for under £7,000. Until 18 March 2016 Ocean Optics is offering a 10% discount on Flame-NIR spectrometer pricing.

Flame-NIR benefits from high precision alignment methods that elevate spectrometer performance for a range of demanding applications. Because its design is not dependent on thermo-electric cooling, it has relatively low power consumption. This design, coupled with a small footprint (89.1 mm x 63.3 mm x 31.9 mm) and low weight (265 g), make it suitablefor deployment in the field as well as process integration.


Operation of Flame-NIR is plug and play. A choice of USB or RS-232 communications, supported by drivers and software, makes it easy to integrate into almost any system. Indicator LEDs show continuous power and data transfer status. Flame-NIR is compatible with Ocean Optics’ range of light sources, optical fibres, sampling accessories and software.

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