Edge devices

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Palm-sized intelligent edge computers

Advantech has released the ARK-1125 series, a new line of palm-size fanless box PCs powered by Intel’s N200 and X7211E processors.
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New family of predictive, fault-tolerant computing platforms

Stratus Technologies has launched the ztC Endurance platform, a new family of fault-tolerant computing platforms for next-generation sustainable operations.
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Edge modules facilitate integration into IT solutions

The edgeConnector products and the edgeAggregator from Softing Industrial offer a range of functionalities with the new version 3.40 that are said to simplfy integration into IT solutions.


  1. 12/10/2020 Edge application Analyze MyMachine/Condition extended with a Mindsphere application

    Siemens is extending its edge application Analyze MyMachine/Condition with a corresponding Mindsphere application, which demonstrates how edge computing and cloud computing can be intelligently combined. 

  2. 23/03/2020 Bringing versatility to edge computing

    Red Lion Controls has introduced the FlexEdge Intelligent Edge Automation Platform which is said to bring versatility to edge computing, while offering productivity and efficiency gains from digital transformation initiatives thanks to its simplicity.

  3. 27/08/2019 Embedded edge server for the energy sector

    congatec has introduced a rugged class of embedded edge server technologies designed for the digitisation of the upstream and midstream oil and gas industry.

  4. 07/06/2019 UK mining company benefits from expanded edge computing solution

    A UK-based mining company is the first to take delivery of the new generation ztC Edge computing platform, the ztC Edge 110i from Stratus Technologies.

  5. 18/03/2019 Edge computing and embedded IoT

    Cloud computing has three main limits – latency, connection and cost. Find out how this can be overcome by processing data at the edge.