Asset management

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Predicting when drives need replacing

ABB has extended the scope of its ABB Ability Digital Powertrain concept, which connects drives, motors, pumps and bearings, with a new Condition-Based Maintenance service option for drives to provide an early warning of any abnormal conditions that might cause a drive to fail prematurely.
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Cloud interface for smart Festo products

Festo has launched a new Cloud interface for smart Festo products. The CPX-IOT Gateway offers a secure, low-cost and digital solution provides the first step for companies wanting to develop Industry 4.0 proof of concept or pilot projects with simple, programming free, on-boarding.
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Vibration monitoring delivers actionable asset health data in hazardous environments

Emerson has upgraded AMS machinery health monitoring systems to deliver asset protection and fault prediction in hazardous areas.


  1. 30/10/2017 Enterprise software turns measurement data into actionable insights

    NI has released the Data Management Software Suite, an enterprise software solution that standardises measurement data across teams, mines the data for useful information, transforms it through automated analysis and delivers reports with valuable insight.

  2. 16/08/2017 Harnessing the power of portability

    The EPOCH 6LT ultrasonic flaw detector from Olympus is said to offer fast and precise industrial inspections on a rugged, portable device.

  3. 27/02/2017 Data management tool enhances line performance monitoring for food industry compliance

    To support global food manufacturers in meeting the documentation and active managerial control requirements of the Food Safety Modernisation Act (FSMA) when exporting their products to the US, Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection has launched the enhanced ProdX 2.0 data management software system.

  4. 06/02/2017 Enabling a holistic approach to predictive maintenance

    At the last SPS/IPC/Drives event Mitsubishi Electric demonstrated a development of its condition monitoring technology for predictive maintenance, which builds on the capabilities of add-on smart sensors by integrating them with an intelligent sensor controller.

  5. 21/09/2016 Cloud-based IIoT offering helps increase plant utilisation and performance

    Honeywell UOP has introduced a new software-based service designed to allow refiners, and petrochemical and gas processing plants to improve performance.

  6. 08/08/2016 Device management software reduces maintenance workload

    Yokogawa Electric Corporation has enhanced its FieldMate device management software, which is being released as FieldMate R3.02. 

  7. 30/06/2015 Management platform enables secure and simple remote access

    Sinema Remote Connect is a management platform from Siemens for efficient and secure remote access to globally distributed machines and plants. The server application is said to simplify remote services, such as the remote maintenance of machines and plants, in addition to other remote applications, such as condition monitoring. 

  8. 23/06/2015 Predictive analytics promises up to 30% reduction in maintenance costs

    GE used the recent ACHEMA event to showcase applications for its Asset Performance Management (APM) in the chemical and process industries. 

  9. 13/03/2015 Integrated machinery condition monitoring solution

    The new integrated Allen-Bradley condition-monitoring system is said to allow manufacturers to utilise the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture system, rather than an isolated condition-monitoring device, to assess current equipment health, predict potential issues, and help avoid damage to critical machinery.

  10. 22/10/2013 Wonderware cloud-hosted historian

    A new, cloud-hosted Wonderware Historian Online Edition has been introduced by Invensys, designed to allow customers to safely share more plant data with their workers while lowering their IT burden.

  11. 07/10/2013 Guiding operators through work processes

    A new version of GE Intelligent Platform's Proficy Workflow has been designed to integrate tightly with existing automation and control systems to enforce the right actions at the right time.

  12. 20/08/2013 Predictive diagnostics available on FOUNDATION fieldbus control system

    Emerson Process Management and Softing have announced that the Softing Linking Device and Gateway FG-110-FF has been successfully integrated and tested with Emerson's AMS Suite predictive maintenance software application.

  13. 23/04/2013 Advanced analytics reduces process failures and improves yields and quality too

    The need to reduce costs and improve product safety and sustainability is resulting in a shift of tools, traditionally used by analytical groups, to the plant floor in a bid to minimise failures, reduce variability, increase yields and improve quality.

  14. 20/12/2011 A cost-effective way to make use of sensing and control data

    Data will be the key competitive edge for companies in the future, according to global management consultancy, McKinsey & Company.

  15. 13/09/2011 RFID system for manufacturing and process applications

    A new RFID technology, based on Ethernet/IP and open standards, delivers flexibility and ruggedness to demanding industrial applications.

  16. 07/06/2011 Directly connecting the plant floor to the business level

    Today’s manufacturing processes rely as much on physical automation as they do on communications protocols to seamlessly integrate all areas of the production process.

  17. 31/05/2011 Tackling preventative maintenance in a targeted way

    Products4Automation has launched PILOT Maintain, the latest module in its Felten PILOT MES platform which makes it possible to plan preventative maintenance for all devices, systems and machines relevant for the production process in a targeted way.