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Automation solution removes the operator from machine tending

Tezmaksan Robot Technologies has released CubeBOX, a range of automation solutions designed to facilitate production without operators in machine tending.
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Expanded cobot family

ABB is launching two new variants of its GoFa collaborative robot. The GoFa 10 and GoFa 12 are said to offer new possibilities for companies to utilise cobot automation for enhanced efficiency.
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New additions to SCARA robot range

TM Robotics recently introduced additions to the Shibaura Machine SCARA robot range to the European market.


  1. 22/05/2023 AI-enabled robotic picker

    ABB Robotics has launched the Robotic Item Picker – a new artificial intelligence (AI) and vision-based solution designed to detect and pick items in unstructured environments in warehouses and fulfilment centers.

  2. 06/03/2023 Collaborative robot handles heavy payloads

    Omron has launched the TM20 collaborative robot (cobot) with a payload of 20 kg which is said to suited to palletizing, machine tending and material handling applications.

  3. 24/02/2023 Bridging the gap between industrial and collaborative robots

    ABB has launched the SWIFTI CRB 1300 industrial collaborative robot to bridge the gap between industrial and collaborative robots.

  4. 17/01/2023 SCARA robot offers EtherCAT connectivity

    The i4L SCARA delivers scalability and integration flexibility and, thanks to a compact design and small footprint, it is simple to install.

  5. 06/01/2023 Advanced simulator for validation of robot applications

    NVIDIA has introduced the 2022.2 release of its Isaac Sim a robotics simulation and synthetic data generation (SDG) tool, which is designed to accelerate the development, testing, training, and deployment of intelligent robots.

  6. 03/11/2022 Robots with regenerative braking help to reduce energy costs

    Reducing energy consumption is high on the list of priorities for most manufacturers today, and so maximising the efficiency of robots will be of significant interest across all industrial sectors.

  7. 17/10/2022 Collaborative robot with 16kg payload

    OMRON has launched the TM16 collaborative robot with a payload of 16 kg which is said to extend material-handling possibilities, handling heavier parts and materials.

  8. 22/08/2022 Automating the machine tending function

    The Robotiq Machine Tending Solution is the latest in a series of off-the-shelf kits that has allowed RARUK Automation to offer manufacturers an easy automated solution to undertake common tasks and boost productivity.

  9. 03/08/2022 Five-axis Delta robot for lightweight product picking, packing and re-orientation

    ABB is expanding its FlexPicker Delta robot portfolio with the IRB 365. With five axis and 1.5kg payload, the robot is said to be both flexible and the fastest in its class for reorientating packaged lightweight products such as cookies, chocolates, peppers, candies, small bottles, and parcels.

  10. 24/06/2022 Compact multi-axis robotic system

    Beckhoff has introduced a new concept for robotics applications with ATRO, a modular system from which the right robot kinematics can be put together in a flexible way to suit any application.

  11. 16/11/2021 SCARA robot offers integrated control solution for robot, motion and machine automation

    Trio Motion Technology has launched a robot range that provides machine builders with a fully integrated control solution - with robot control, motion control, and machine automation from a single controller.

  12. 23/07/2021 Six-axis robots for harsh and contamination-free environments

    ABB’s 6-axis IRB 1300 industrial robot includes new protection elements that enable it to be used in tough industrial applications and contamination-free production processes.

  13. 21/06/2021 Sidebot for high-speed collaborative automation applications

    Wyzo is believed to be world’s first high-speed pick-and-place sidebot which is suitable for collaborative use alongside humans. 

  14. 28/04/2021 Braking distance simulator improves safety and reduces robotic cell footprint

    ABB's RobotStudio offline programming and simulation software has been upgraded with a new virtual robot braking distance function that is designed to create an exact simulation of the real-world stopping distance of a robot.

  15. 22/03/2021 Magnetic gripper for safe and precise collaborative applications

    OnRobot has launched the MG10, an easy-to-use magnetic gripper for material handling, assembly and machine tending applications.

  16. 22/03/2021 Collaborative robots speed up!

    Comau has introduced its RACER-5-0.80 (Racer-5 COBOT) a collaborative robot designed to meet the demand for fast, cost-effective cobots that can be used in restricted spaces and in different application areas. 

  17. 09/03/2021 SCARA robot handles heavy payloads

    OMRON’s latest industrial robot – the new i4H SCARA – has been designed to meet the demands of mass customisation, allowing for high mixes of products at low volumes to offer a wider array of goods from a production line.

  18. 04/01/2021 Splash-resistant articulated robot arm

    Igus has developed its very first IP44 rated water-resistant robolink articulated robotic arm – a low-cost automation solution made of polymer and stainless steel. 

  19. 30/12/2020 Light-duty robot range

    The i4L SCARA is a new compact, low-cost robot from Omron.

  20. 06/12/2020 Seven-axis lightweight cobot for industrials tasks

    Kassow Robots has introduced the KR1018, a new 7-axis lightweight cobot that is able to handle payloads of up to 18kg and which has a reach of up to 1,800mm and with a speed of up to 225 degrees per second.