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SCARA robot offers integrated control solution for robot, motion and machine automation

Trio Motion Technology has launched a robot range that provides machine builders with a fully integrated control solution - with robot control, motion control, and machine automation from a single controller.
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Six-axis robots for harsh and contamination-free environments

ABB’s 6-axis IRB 1300 industrial robot includes new protection elements that enable it to be used in tough industrial applications and contamination-free production processes.
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Sidebot for high-speed collaborative automation applications

Wyzo is believed to be world’s first high-speed pick-and-place sidebot which is suitable for collaborative use alongside humans. 


  1. 28/04/2021 Braking distance simulator improves safety and reduces robotic cell footprint

    ABB's RobotStudio offline programming and simulation software has been upgraded with a new virtual robot braking distance function that is designed to create an exact simulation of the real-world stopping distance of a robot.

  2. 22/03/2021 Magnetic gripper for safe and precise collaborative applications

    OnRobot has launched the MG10, an easy-to-use magnetic gripper for material handling, assembly and machine tending applications.

  3. 22/03/2021 Collaborative robots speed up!

    Comau has introduced its RACER-5-0.80 (Racer-5 COBOT) a collaborative robot designed to meet the demand for fast, cost-effective cobots that can be used in restricted spaces and in different application areas. 

  4. 09/03/2021 SCARA robot handles heavy payloads

    OMRON’s latest industrial robot – the new i4H SCARA – has been designed to meet the demands of mass customisation, allowing for high mixes of products at low volumes to offer a wider array of goods from a production line.

  5. 04/01/2021 Splash-resistant articulated robot arm

    Igus has developed its very first IP44 rated water-resistant robolink articulated robotic arm – a low-cost automation solution made of polymer and stainless steel. 

  6. 30/12/2020 Light-duty robot range

    The i4L SCARA is a new compact, low-cost robot from Omron.

  7. 06/12/2020 Seven-axis lightweight cobot for industrials tasks

    Kassow Robots has introduced the KR1018, a new 7-axis lightweight cobot that is able to handle payloads of up to 18kg and which has a reach of up to 1,800mm and with a speed of up to 225 degrees per second.

  8. 01/12/2020 Compact but powerful new general-purpose robot

    FANUC has expanded its range of general-purpose industrial robots with the launch of the compact M-10iD/16S.

  9. 23/11/2020 Wifi-free communication reduces automated handling risks

    Most robotic conveyor transport solutions rely on wifi communication for their operation, any instability in the connection can cause operational inefficiency. RARUK Automation believes it can now offer a solution, as part of its range of MiR autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).

  10. 26/05/2020 New cobot with easy handling features

    A new collaborative robot from Mitsubishi Electric has been developed to work alongside human operators without the need for guards or safety fences, while meeting new requirements for adequate distancing of workers in manufacturing sites.

  11. 14/04/2020 Linear robots for cost-effective automation

    Cartesian robots are used in a wide variety of applications such as pick & place, sorting systems and medical technology. igus has developed a line and room linear robot which can move up to 5kg.

  12. 23/02/2020 Single-pad gripper for flat, shiny, and perforated workpieces

    OnRobot has launched a compact, single-pad version of its Gecko no-mark adhesive gripper.

  13. 27/01/2020 Hollow-armed robot allows for cable integration

    FANUC has made improvements to its R-2000 series robot with the introduction of the hollow-armed R-2000iD.

  14. 20/01/2020 Stable transportation of heavy loads in dynamic environments

    The scope of the MiR – an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) from RARUK Automation – has been extended with the addition of the MiR Shelf Lift.

  15. 06/01/2020 The first lightweight cobot from FANUC

    FANUC has launched its first lightweight collaborative robot – the CRX-10iA.

  16. 29/10/2019 Lightweight delta robots

    Mitsubishi Electric has extended its MELFA articulated arm and SCARA robot offering to include a range of delta robots which combine its servo technology with the latest mechanicals from e-F@ctory Alliance partner Codian Robotics.

  17. 19/08/2019 Levelling the robot playing field for low-repetition tasks

    Automata would appear to have created a truly innovative collaborative robot – from the ground up – in a bid to meet the growing need for automated solutions for less repetitive tasks. A key element of the design of the cobot was to provide a solution with low deployed system costs to enable it to offer a cost-effective automated solution.

  18. 28/07/2019 New autonomous mobile robot

    Iconsys, a UK-based automation system integrator, has branched out into autonomous mobile solutions with the launch of its iAM-R (iconsys Autonomous Mobile Robot).

  19. 22/07/2019 High capacity mobile robot

    The latest addition to the RARUK Automation MiR range is the MiR 1000 – an autonomous, mobile industrial robot that extends the payload capacity of the range to 1000kg, offering an alternative to traditional forklifts and trucks and helping enable fully automated logistics workflows.

  20. 08/07/2019 Robot solution for automated paint centre

    YASKAWA MOTOMAN’s expansion into new manufacturing applications is well demonstrated by its involvement in Peak Contracts’ state-of-the-art automated robotic painting technical centre in Derby in the UK.