HMIs/SCADA/operator interfaces

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Rugged HMI is ready for outdoor applications

The extended VisuNet FLX series operator and monitoring workstations, from Pepperl+Fuchs, is said to offer a flexible solution for demanding environments and applications. It features a rugged aluminium housing for outdoor use and an integrated RFID reader.
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SCADA-based software speeds and simplifies plant automation

Emerson has released its advanced automation platform, Movicon.NExT 4.2. The software is designed to easily interface with any field device and control or enterprise system.
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Operations control software strengthens workforce efficiency

AVEVA has launched the 2023 release of its operations control software, the first major coordinated release of its HMI/SCADA software portfolio, available in both perpetual and subscription purchases.


  1. 23/08/2021 Graphic operation terminals

    Mitsubishi Electric has added two new Graphic Operation Terminals (GOTs to its GOT2000 Series Wide model lineup.

  2. 04/05/2021 SCADA range grows to meet diversifying IoT needs

    Mitsubishi Electric has extended its SCADA lineup to offer two additional types of software for system monitoring and process control. GENESIS64 is said to complement the company’s existing MAPS SCADA software.

  3. 11/11/2019 Apps-based HMI for mobile machines

    Parker Hannifin is widening its display portfolio with the intorudciton of. Pro Display 12, a 12in HMI display module, aimed at mobile machine OEMs.

  4. 04/11/2019 Connectivity solution for different types of field devices

    Connext is a communication server from Progea which is aimed at companies investing in automation platform compatibility and data processing.

  5. 15/07/2019 Upgraded HMI family

    IDEC Corporation has upgraded its HG2G-V5 5.7in, HG3G-V8 8.4in, HG3G-VA 10.4in and HG4G-VC 12.1in human-machine interface (HMI) touchscreen models.

  6. 01/07/2019 HMI provides a complete gas and visibility solution

    Crowcon has developed an HMI solution designed to offer complete system visibility. It can run alongside existing DCS/SCADA/PLC systems or mimic panels which are used to monitor wider system views, often incorporating other sensors including security, flow, smoke and fire.

  7. 07/06/2019 HMI family gains a 15in model

    IDEC Corporation has released the HG5G-V 15in human-machine interface (HMI) touchscreen, the largest model in its High-Performance family. This HMI offers more display real estate so applications can readily show extensive process information with improved aesthetics and visibility.

  8. 24/04/2019 Flexible SCADA solution

    Yokogawa has introduced FAST/TOOLS R10.04 – the latest version of its real-time operations management and visualisation software – An OpreX control and safety system solution with enhanced capabilities for seamless system integration.

  9. 23/07/2018 Software solution to quantify and improve plant productivity

    Pro.Lean software, from Products 4 Automation (P4A), is designed to measure real-time productivity through key performance indicators (KPIs) and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). By flagging underproductive areas it can help boost plant performance in real-time, track success and plan for future improvements.

  10. 12/03/2018 Touch screen HMI range expands

    B&R has expanded its Power Panel T50 HMI series with two new sizes which means there are now five different sizes to choose from, with diagonals ranging from 5 to 15.6in.

  11. 27/02/2017 HMI workstations aim to optimise productivity and increase plant safety

    Eaton has expanded its range of MTL GECMA HMI workstations, introducing two new products – a Thin Client (TC) and Personal Computer (PC) version.

  12. 10/01/2017 Handheld HMI controls equipment while it’s on the move

    Delta Electronics has introduced the DOP-H HMI, a portable handheld interface which enables operators to move machines or robots around while still monitoring and controlling the process and interacting with it in real time.

  13. 21/09/2016 Making PLCs transparent through HMIs

    The latest version of Panasonic’s HMWin programming software supports a transparent communication mode for its PLCs.

  14. 23/08/2016 Flush-mount HMI enables machine builders to promote their brand identity

    With the latest addition to the GOT2000 family of HMIs, Mitsubishi Electric has introduced a new style of operator interface. The open-frame, back mounting design enables machine builders to reinforce their own brand identity.

  15. 17/05/2016 Thin client HMI solution to meet Industry 4.0 challenges

    The smart thin client solution, VisuNet RM GXP with new RM Shell 4.1.VisuNet GXP with RM Shell 4.1 was introduced by Pepperl+Fuchs at Hannover Fair, to demonstrate smart solutions for applications in Zone 1 and 21.

  16. 15/04/2016 SCADA benefits from greater efficiency and openness

    Version 7.4 of Siemens Simatic WinCC SCADA software focusses on greater efficiency and openness and can also be used with Windows 10 Professional and Enterprise. 

  17. 15/03/2016 Control software bundle promises ergonomic engineering

    COPA-DATA has updated its family of software products with the introduction of zenon 7.50, zenon Analyzer 3 and zenon Logic 9. Numerous new features and improvements are designed to simplify project configuration and ensure robust runtimes.

  18. 15/03/2016 Compact HMI can act as an automation gateway

    Mitsubishi Electric has added a new model to its range of HMIs which is said to act as a gateway device to an entire automation system – including devices such as PLCs, servo drives, frequency inverters and robots.

  19. 26/01/2016 HMI supports up to four communication protocols simultaneously

    IDEC Corporation has introduced the 5.7in enhanced HMI which is able to communicate with a variety of different PLCs and controllers.

  20. 30/11/2015 Mobile tablet designed for extreme environments

    Kontron has launched the 10in Endurance Tablet, the first in its range of mobile tablets.