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Sensor-to-Cloud platform adds Modbus option

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry can now offer its Ranger Sensor-To-Cloud platform with a Modbus option that allows users to monitor or control Modbus devices right from the cloud.
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Gateway simplifies communication between PROFINET and BACnet

HMS Networks has introduced the Intesis protocol translator for communication between PROFINET PLCs on factory floors and Building Management Systems with BACnet IP/MSTP.
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4-channel HART multiplexer with HART-IP

ProComSol has released its new 4 Channel HART multiplexer with HART-IP device which allows users to perform HART communications using the plant’s Ethernet network infrastructure.


  1. 14/07/2020 Mobile mesh technology creates communication networks and aids social distancing

    Wyld Networks has launched a new mobile mesh technology to improve operational efficiencies. It can be built into mobile apps?and IoT devices and uses virtual geozones to manage access, collect data, deliver location-aware content or safety information, and monitor social distancing.

  2. 26/05/2020 Connecting Siemens controllers with software applications

    Softing Industrial’s edgeConnector Siemens connects Siemens controllers with software applications. It supports the reference architectures for Industrial IoT by Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS, as well as independent edge solutions.

  3. 27/04/2020 Ethernet communication for Ex areas

    Turck has introduced the first Zone 2 Ethernet gateway for its excom I/O system. This allows process data from hazardous areas to reach IT systems for analysis and evaluation at sufficient speeds and safely, via a parallel data channel – a fast and easy way of implementing condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

  4. 06/01/2020 Programmable sensor connection and data processing hubs

    SICK has extended its Sensor Integration Machine (SIM) family with the launch of two one-box processing hubs that fuse decentralised, multi-sensor co-operation with field-to-cloud connectivity.

  5. 09/12/2019 IO-Link masters with OPC UA interface

    Pepperl+Fuchs believes it is the first company to offer IO-Link masters with an OPC UA interface, helping to pave the way for end-to-end, transparent, and seamless communication from field level to the cloud.

  6. 06/10/2019 DIN wireless gateway supports network connectivity for sensors

    The DIN Gateway V2 is a 900 mHz wireless gateway, from SignalFire Wireless Telemetry, with an integrated I/O capability for easy network connectivity of wireless and wired sensors, integrated Ethernet and built-in automation.

  7. 28/07/2019 CNC control gateway opens up machine tools to Industry 4.0

    Softing Industrial has released the new uaGate 840D gateway which allows access the data from SINUMERIK 840D machine tools via the OPC UA standard for use directly in Industry 4.0 applications.

  8. 22/07/2019 App supports signaling system for 4G devices

    The TC MOBILE I/O app from Phoenix Contact supports the use of the TC MOBILE I/O X200 alarm and remote control module by enabling SMS commands to be triggered with just a click and displaying the current device status clearly to the user.

  9. 30/04/2019 Multiple valve actuator control solution

    Rotork has launched the latest generation of its monitoring and control system for valve actuators and plant equipment.

  10. 22/03/2019 Raspberry Pi-based communication modules

    RS Components has introduced KUNBUS to its supplier portfolio, a developer of intelligent communications modules, including fieldbus- and industrial Ethernet-based devices for a range of automation markets.

  11. 18/03/2019 ASi-5 I/O modules

    ASi-5 is the latest generation of the AS-Interface standard which was created to the efficient networking of sensors and actuators at the automation base. The latest version of the standard allows larger data quantities to be transmitted significantly faster and even intelligent sensors such as IO-Link can be integrated more easily.

  12. 18/03/2019 Simplified shop floor to business systems communication

    Red Lion Controls has added new capabilities to its Crimson software, including an OPC UA Client driver with encrypted password support, OPC UA Historical Access, an MQTT connector for Google Cloud and store and forward buffering for all Crimson cloud connectors.

  13. 04/03/2019 Connector combines rapid termination technique with high mating cycle capability

    The new robust Han ES Press HMC (High Mating Cycles) connector series from HARTING combines can be installed quickly without tools and it able to handle at least 10,000 mating cycles.

  14. 25/02/2019 IO-Link masters and hubs range expands to meet connectivity demands

    Belden has expanded its Lumberg Automation LioN-Power IO-Link System to help address Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connectivity needs through simplified device automation.

  15. 11/02/2019 Extended OPC UA aggregation server options

    Softing Industrial Data Intelligence has released version 1.10 of its dataFEED Secure Integration Server, extending its OPC UA Aggregation Server and offering more filtering options for individual OPC UA items.

  16. 11/02/2019 Hygienically designed on-machine fieldbus system

    The Cube67 from Murrelektronik is a decentralised fieldbus system created for use on machines. It has a modular structure allowing customised installation concepts to be realised via a variety of input modules, output modules, mixed modules, and a wide range of function modules, multifunctional channels and comprehensive diagnostic options.

  17. 22/01/2019 Wireless connectivity solutions go the distance

    Advantech B+B SmartWorx is expanding its range of wireless connectivity solutions with the launch of LoRaWAN wireless solutions.

  18. 14/01/2019 K-coded M12 connector for integrated transmission of data, signals and power

    HARTING has introduced a new version of its M12 circular connector in the IEC 61076-2-111 standard K-coding.

  19. 07/01/2019 Wi-Fi flexible antenna for compact devices

    Molex, has launched its Wi-Fi flexible antenna series, designed for fast and easy integration into wireless devices with minimal implementation cost.

  20. 25/11/2018 Unlocking data from orphaned and legacy equipment

    Red Lion Controls has released the DA10D and DA30D Protocol Conversion and Data Acquisition devices.