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Hardware gateway transfers PLC data to the cloud

Softing Industrial has introduced edgeGate, a hardware gateway for industrial edge and cloud applications, designed to transfer production data from PLCs to edge and cloud-based environments.
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MQTT protocol sets new standard for server connectivity and security

The Secure Integration Server (SIS) from Softing Industrial now supports the MQTT protocol. This improves connectivity and security for data integration in IT/OT cloud applications.
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Plug-and-play unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches

Westermo has launched a new range of compact, easy-to-use unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches.


  1. 25/01/2024 Private 5G cellular gateways boost adoption in existing networks

    Moxa has launched the CCG-1500 Series industrial 5G cellular gateways for use in industrial applications.

  2. 03/11/2023 Secure all-in-one router/switch/firewall/NAT/VPN

    Moxa has launched the EDR-8010 series, a new generation of secure industrial routers designed for Ethernet-based security applications in critical remote control and monitoring networks.

  3. 17/10/2023 OPC UA tunnel increases security for OPC Classic communication

    The dataFEED OPC UA Tunnel is a new component of Softing Industrial's dataFEED OPC Suite. It is said to enable secure access to OPC Classic servers across network boundaries and firewalls. A DCOM configuration is no longer required.

  4. 02/10/2023 Complete private 5G solution made available to industry

    Siemens is launching a private infrastructure developed in-house for the 5G mobile communications standard. The solution is said to enable industrial companies to build their own local 5G networks that will provide optimal support for automation applications.

  5. 10/09/2023 Robust Ethernet cordset series

    Turck's 4422 series offers a range of standard Ethernet cables for industrial production – robust, flexible and suitable for high data rates.

  6. 07/08/2023 ARM compatibility expands application range of edge connectors

    The new version 3.50 of Softing Industrial's edgeConnector products is now compatible with ARM processors which is said to significantly expand application possibilities.

  7. 06/06/2023 Industrial Ethernet switches help future-proof data communication networks

    Westermo has launched a range of compact industrial Ethernet switches and routers to meet the increasing demands for high-performance data communication networks within transportation, manufacturing and energy distribution.

  8. 30/05/2023 HART multiplexer software supports Siemens controllers

    The HART multiplexer software smartLink SW-HT from Softing Industrial, for accessing configuration and diagnostic data, now supports ET200 remote IOs from Siemens and the FDT DTM interface.

  9. 14/02/2023 Gigabit industrial Ethernet switches simplify configuration

    Red Lion has introduced the N-Tron Series NT5000 Gigabit Managed Layer 2 Ethernet switches that feature security features designed to keep networks connected and protected.

  10. 06/02/2023 Supporting the integration of production data from XML files

    The new ‘File Read’ function of dataFEED OPC Suite Extended V5.25 enables access to process data available via XML files.

  11. 30/01/2023 Rugged and compact industrial Ethernet interface

    The compact PushPull connector series from HARTING is expanding with the introduction of the Mini PushPull – a waterproof and dustproof version of the ix Industrial Ethernet interface.

  12. 05/12/2022 Gaining wireless remote access to machines

    HMS Networks has finalised its new generation of Ewon industrial remote access gateways –designed to take IIoT connectivity and cybersecurity to the next level – with the addition of the Cosy+ Wireless.

  13. 21/11/2022 Long-reach, Single-pair Power over Ethernet (SPoE) solutions launched

    Analog Devices has announced the world’s first Single-pair Power over Ethernet (SPoE) Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) and Power Device (PD) solutions to help customers drive greater levels of intelligence into smart buildings, factory automation, and other applications at the edge of traditional networks.

  14. 11/11/2022 Single Pair Ethernet connectors

    Molex has added Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) technology to its connector product portfolio.

  15. 03/11/2022 Extended OPC suite offers additional security for data integration

    With the integration of OPC UA Reverse Connect into its dataFEED OPC Suite Extended V5.22, Softing enables secure communication between OPC UA components in OT and IT that are separated by firewalls or DMZs.

  16. 03/11/2022 Remote service passes for wireless gateways

    Danfoss Power Solutions has introduced remote service passes for its PLUS+1 CS10 wireless gateway. This allows machine technicians to connect remotely to a machine with a CS10 device installed to monitor machine behaviour, debug, and update firmware remotely.

  17. 31/10/2022 New connectivity options for RFID and industrial applications

    Amphenol RF has expanded its cable assembly portfolio to offer configurations designed for RFID and a variety of other applications.

  18. 22/08/2022 New connectors for Single Pair Ethernet

    Phoenix Contact is extending its portfolio of Onepair series data connectors for Single Pair Ethernet (SPE).

  19. 01/08/2022 Foundation Fieldbus smart device communicator for Android

    ProComSol has released new Android based Smart Device Communicator Software for Foundation Fieldbus (FF).

  20. 04/07/2022 The Swiss Army Knife of IIoT and condition monitoring systems?

    SNAP SIGNAL is a complete suite of products that enables the collection of data from machines that were never designed with data in mind. The range, available in the UK from Turck Banner, enables cost-effective signal conversion when, for example, one more analogue input is needed when only have a digital input is available.