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Intelligent fibre optic sensors

SICK has launched its next generation, intelligent WLL80 Fibre Optic Sensors, designed for easy configuration and versatile integration into machinery and conveyor systems in applications where rapid, high accuracy detection is required in confined spaces.
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Roller sensor bar for conveyor applications

SICK has developed a Roller Sensor Bar to help reduce conveyor downtimes in wide-ranging materials handling, parcel sorting or logistics hubs.
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Ultrasonic sensing solution for wet environments

Wet environments coupled with aggressive chemical cleaning can make non-contact ultrasonic distance measurement and level sensing challenging. The UIT300 full-metal ultrasonic sensors range from ifm electronic is said to offer a solution, ensuring long life, even in demanding environments.


  1. 11/04/2022 Vision sensors make light work of inspection and quality control

    Thanks to user-friendly application software, even inexperienced users will be able to easily and quickly configure the new Dualis 2D vision sensors to perform complex and demanding inspection and recognition tasks, says ifm.

  2. 17/01/2022 Inductive sensors with analogue output and IO-Link

    Inductive proximity sensors in the new IF60xx range from ifm electronic offer compatibility with existing installations and additional functionality that provides benefits in new applications.

  3. 10/01/2022 Smart radar sensors for rugged environments

    Turck can offer robust radar sensors for distance measurements of up to 15m for rugged application areas in factory automation as well as in outdoor or mobile applications.

  4. 17/08/2021 Force sensor takes it to the limit

    HBK has created a robust force sensor to provide long-term stability and precise measurement results, even in harsh applications and difficult environments

  5. 26/04/2021 Ultrasonic safety sensor system

    Pepperl+Fuchs is expanding its ultrasonic sensor range with the addition of the USi-safety ultrasonic sensor system.

  6. 09/04/2021 Position sensors offer more

    MTS Sensors has introduced enhancements to its Temposonics R-Series V PROFINET position sensors – with functions such as machine monitoring and predictive maintenance, the focus of the new sensor generation is Industry 4.0.

  7. 12/01/2021 Pay as you sense

    Equipment rentals can help companies overcome the hurdle of finding investment capital to fund development and verification projects.

  8. 15/09/2020 Time of flight of sensors with IO-Link communication

    Carlo Gavazzi has launched the latest LD30 Sensors with both ToF (time of flight) and IO-Link communication in the same sensor providing greater flexibility to detect any object, any colour, any material or surface types at a distance of up to 1,000mm.

  9. 15/09/2020 Flow meter offers stability for demanding hydrogen applications

    Emerson has introduced a new Micro Motion Coriolis flow meter designed for high-pressure hydrogen dispensing and chemical injection applications where measurement accuracy and safety are essential.

  10. 01/09/2020 Multifunctional pressure sensing solution

    SICK has upgraded its pressure sensor offering with the multifunctional PBS Plus, combining electronic pressure control, measurement and real-time monitoring in one IO-Link enabled device.

  11. 20/07/2020 Wireless sensors enable easy online collection of pressure and temperature data

    Yokogawa Electric Corporation has launched a new range of pressure and temperature sensors for the Sushi Sensor wireless industrial IoT (IIoT) solution, which is part of the OpreX Asset Management and Integrity family.

  12. 27/04/2020 Ultrasonic transducer offers enhanced flowmeter performance

    Emerson has added the Daniel T-200, a titanium-housed transducer, to its gas ultrasonic flowmeter product line. This product is the first to use metal 3D printing to enhance the acoustic performance in custody transfer applications.

  13. 06/04/2020 Retrofitting predictive maintenance solution to gearboxes

    When a gearbox on a critical application fails there will always be a scramble to get it up and running again. Even when a spare is available, production will inevitably be lost. It is, however, now possible to retrofit a predictive maintenance solution.

  14. 30/03/2020 Better data collection from hazardous areas

    SKF has gained hazardous area approval for its QuickCollect sensor, which collects vibration and temperature data. This new approval allows the sensor to be used in places that would previously have required a ‘hot work’ permit.

  15. 23/03/2020 Self-monitoring temperature sensor

    The TCC self-checking temperature sensor from ifm electronic has been created for use in processes where accurate temperature control is essential and deviations could have costly implications.

  16. 09/12/2019 Turbidity sensor with improved design

    Design optimisations now allow the EXspect 271 turbidity sensor to be used up to process pressures of 16 bar.

  17. 22/11/2019 Sensor-to-cloud platform for industrial process monitoring

    SignalFire Wireless Telemetry has expanded its wireless IoT product range with the RANGER, a cellular-based transmitter and new 4G LTE-M platform. This remote monitoring solution offers sensor-to-cloud with a plug-and-play experience.

  18. 19/11/2019 Expanded range of encoders for Functional Safety

    Renishaw has added two new encoders for both linear and rotary applications to its existing functionally safe (FS) portfolio.

  19. 04/11/2019 Compact analogue transmitters

    Delta Mobrey has introduced the D22 pressure transmitter and the D32 differential pressure transmitter, the first new products since starting to trade as Delta Mobrey.

  20. 20/10/2019 Stainless-steel photoelectric sensors for harsh environments

    SICK has launched Inox versions of its GR6 rectangular and GR18 cylindrical sensors, to offer tough, high-availability photoelectric senors for detection duties in harsh environments such as chemical washdown or where there may be aggressive oils, lubricants and dust.