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Vision sensor with ProfiNET support

Based on EVT’s EyeVision image processing software the new EyeSens devices offer solutions for applications in areas such as object detection, measurement technology, pattern matching, code reading (bar code, DMC) and OCR/OCV as well as colour recognition.
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Cork inspection vision solution

The Cork Inspector is a new addition to the Eye Vision Technology (EVT) emSens Beverage Inspection series. It can inspect corks in bottles, to ensure they are in the correct position, or stick out too much (convex) or are seated too deep in the bottle neck (concave).
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Smart inspection solution for printed coding and marking

A collaboration between SICK and AutoCoding Systems has resulted in the launch of what is believed to be the first fully-automatic smart vision inspection system for printed coding and marking on food and beverage packaging.


  1. 06/05/2019 IO-Link RFID read/write modules

    A range of IO-Link RFID read/write modules from Contrinex are said to offer fast, low-cost integration by utilising two key industry communication standards within one device: The ISO15693 RFID standard in the read/write head for communication with the transponders and ISO 61131-9 IO-Link at the connector for communication with the control system.

  2. 09/04/2019 Achieving measurements to submicron level accuracies

    The EyeVision software by EVT now supports the FocalSpec 3D Line Confocal Scanner UULA, an automated optical 3D imaging and metrology system for submicron level accurate measurements on any material. 

  3. 29/01/2019 Pushing the boundaries of 3D vision inspection

    Ranger3 is high-definition 3D streaming camera is the first camera to be powered by SICK’s Imager with ROCC (Rapid On-Chip Calculation technology) which is capable of capturing 7000 profiles per second at full sensor acquisition.

  4. 29/01/2019 RFID antennas over IO-Link

    The onward march of IO-Link seems unstoppable and for good reason, with advantages such as much more data and diagnostics for minimal extra cost. Ifm electronic has one of the largest offerings of IO-Link sensors on the market and an established range of RFID systems which combine the technologies.

  5. 22/01/2019 Pushing the boundaries of 3D vision inspection

    Ranger3 is high-definition 3D streaming camera is the first camera to be powered by SICK’s Imager with ROCC (Rapid On-Chip Calculation technology) which is capable of capturing 7000 profiles per second at full sensor acquisition.

  6. 14/01/2019 RFID antennas over IO-Link

    The latest RFID antenna range from ifm electronic is suited to a range of applications thanks to flexible parameter settings, improved diagnostics and simple implementation.

  7. 05/12/2018 Optimum lighting for machine vision solutions

    B&R has introduced a lighting solution for its machine vision solution. Incorporating flexible light bars and backlights, it has been developed to help ensure optimum results even in difficult lighting situations. Lighting control is synchronised with the automation system in the sub-µs range.

  8. 07/10/2018 AI technology added to HALCON machine vision software

    MVTec Software GmbH is set to release the new version 18.11 of its standard software HALCON.

  9. 27/08/2018 App-based vision camera

    Thanks to its open architecture, a single IDS NXT App-based camera can solve a wide variety of image processing tasks. Users can even develop their own vision apps.

  10. 30/07/2018 3D vision can identify lifted leads in PCB assembly

    The printed circuit board assembly process and soldering of electronic components will inevitably result in production errors, even as an automated process. 3D machine vision can be a useful tool to detect any defects.

  11. 09/07/2018 Image sensor features smallest global shutter pixel

    Teledyne e2v has introduced the newest member of its Emerald CMOS image sensor family –Emerald 67 megapixel. The new sensor features a high resolution with what is believed to be the smallest available global shutter pixel – 2.5µm – enabling more objects to be captured in a single high-resolution shot.

  12. 29/06/2018 3-CMOS colour camera range extended

    Stemmer has announced availability of an expanded range of JAIApex Series of 3-CMOS prism-based colour area scan cameras. The range now features 3.2 Mpixel and 1.6 Mpixel versions, with PMCL, USB3 Vision, and GigE Vision interfaces available in each resolution.

  13. 29/05/2018 Image processing software offers direct support for Universal Robots

    The EyeVision image processing software contains a new command, which allows for communication with and control of a Universal Robot. This means that elaborate programming is now obsolete and just one command is enough to send the necessary tasks to the robot.

  14. 02/04/2018 Sony launches its first USB3 industrial vision module

    Sony Europe’s Image Sensing Solutions has launched its first industrial vision module to use the USB3.0 transmission standard.

  15. 25/03/2018 Connecting RFID to the cloud

    With the launch of new firmware release V3, the Simatic RF600 RFID system now supports OPC UA

  16. 11/02/2018 Frame grabber-less line scan cameras

    Teledyne e2v’s UNiiQA+ and ELiiXA+ colour line scan cameras are now available with an NBASE-T Ethernet frame grabber-less interface which provides a more cost effective solution to transmit uncompressed, high bandwidth images from the cameras into systems at the highest possible speeds.

  17. 28/01/2018 Dual LAN gateway solution for machine vision and IIoT applications

    RDS is launching the PICO-KBU4, a palm-sized PC that supports machine vision and other IIoT applications requiring a compact Intel Core i3, i5, i7 solution.

  18. 15/10/2017 3D distance detection with wide angle of view

    Panasonic Industry Europe has developed a 3D LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensing solution that measures distance between equipment and an object from the round-trip travelling time of the pulse laser that is projected to the object.

  19. 24/09/2017 Smallest ever smart camera for quality inspection and robot guidance

    EVT has introduced the EyeCheck ZQ smart camera, which is said to be the smallest intelligent camera on the market today.

  20. 23/08/2017 Industrial camera captures 3D images in an instant

    SICK has launched the Visionary-T industrial imaging camera to capture high-resolution 3D data with a single ‘snapshot’, whether the object is stationary or moving.