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AI-based OCR capabilities available on vision system

Cognex Corporation has expanded the capabilities of its In-Sight 2800 vision system to include optical character recognition (OCR).
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5GigE area scan camera platform

Teledyne FLIR has launched the Forge 5GigE area scan camera family for machine vision. Constructed on an all-new platform, Forge is designed to provide the richest combination of advanced imaging features and is engineered to handle the most complex vision system challenges.
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Solutions for challenging inspection tasks

SensoPart’s range of VISOR sensors now allows complex linking of detection results – previously reserved to much more expensive image processing systems or sophisticated PLC applications. These advanced possibilities for processing results are part of a free software upgrade.


  1. 11/07/2022 Camera can look back with ease

    The LCAM 308 IP camera from Leuze is able to monitor hidden areas on stacker cranes and conveyor lines to allow operators of logistics centres to trace back events reliably and rectify faults quickly and efficiently.

  2. 08/03/2022 Expanded deep learning functions for machine vision software

    MVTec Software GmbH is launching the latest version (5.1) of its MERLIC machine vision software.

  3. 06/12/2021 Partnership helps set new 3D vision sensor standards

    SICK has released a miniature version of its Visionary-T 3D snapshot vision sensor. Thanks to a collaboration between SICK AG and Microsoft Corp, the Visionary-T Mini offers precise, high-resolution and rapid image capture in a compact and lightweight sensor.

  4. 01/08/2021 Ultra-compact all-in-one 2D sensor for machine vision

    SICK has launched an ultra-compact all-in-one 2D vision sensor – the InspectorP611 – which can be set up quickly to conduct reliable inline machine vision inspections, even in the tightest of spaces, or when mounted on robot arms. 

  5. 18/05/2021 Compact 2D vision camera with deep learning

    SICK has introduced a vision camera with a pre-installed deep learning App to simplify the creation of customised quality inspections of complex or irregular-shaped goods, packaging and assemblies.

  6. 30/03/2021 High-resolution vision sensor with integrated lens

    SensoPart’s 5-megapixel sensor VISOR V50 is now available with integrated lens and lighting. An additional version with an increased depth of field allows the flexible detection of objects at fluctuating distances.

  7. 29/03/2021 Using machine vision and barcode data to identify performance issues

    Cognex Corporation has introduced the Edge Intelligence (EI) platform which provides barcode reading performance monitoring and device management to help customers prevent downtime and boost productivity of manufacturing and logistics operations.

  8. 22/02/2021 Container and tray identification solution

    A new stationary bar code reader is suited to container and tray identification applications, especially when there is limited installation space.

  9. 01/02/2021 Inspection solution for complex piping

    The interior of pipelines that carry hazardous material often need to be inspected for corrosion and other defects using videoscopes. However, long, complex piping can be especially difficult to navigate and inspect due to multiple bends in the pipework and potential obstructions.

  10. 10/11/2020 Lightweight 3D cameras

    The Ensenso N-Series is a compact 3D camera system from IDS is designed for 3D applications in robotics and automated series production with IP65/67 protection which makes it well-suited for use in harsh environments, offering protection against dirt, dust and water spray.

  11. 28/09/2020 High-performance handheld barcode readers

    Cognex has launched the DataMan 8700 series of handheld barcode readers which require no tuning or operator training.

  12. 08/09/2020 Vision system with AI defect detection

    Omron has released the FH Series Vision system with the industry’s first defect detection artificial intelligence (AI) technology that identifies defects without learning samples.

  13. 27/08/2020 Pharmaceutical validation goes digital

    Siemens and J&K Technology, part of the J&K Group, have jointly developed the new CVal software solution for COMOS, Siemens plant engineering software solution.

  14. 04/08/2020 High-resolution ToF sensor for 3D vision systems

    Teledyne e2v has introduced Hydra3D, a new Time-of-Flight (ToF) CMOS image sensor, tailored for 3D detection and distance measurement.

  15. 06/07/2020 3D vision sensor with extended field of vision

    FANUC has expanded its range of integrated image processing solutions with the introduction of the 3DV/600 vision sensor.

  16. 26/06/2020 High resolution camera for inspection systems

    The new HIKrobot 151MP camera is said to offer a high-resolution camera solution for machine vision inspection systems.

  17. 16/06/2020 Smart camera powered by deep learning technology

    Cognex has introduced the In-Sight D900, an industrial smart camera powered by Deep Learning software. This combination is said to expand the possibilities of what can be successfully and precisely inspected in factory automation.

  18. 08/06/2020 Smart camera simplifies code reading and inspection

    The compact MicroHAWK V/F400 and V/F300 series smart camera from Omron offers the ability to combine code reading and vision inspection in a single, compact device.

  19. 11/05/2020 RFID antenna, evaluation electronics and fieldbus interface in a single module

    With a long user-adjustable operating range and a choice of fieldbus interfaces, HF RFID systems, which form part of the DTE60x range from ifm electronic, are said to be suited to use in a range of production line applications. 

  20. 04/05/2020 Polarisation helps to reveal often hidden details

    IDS has added 5 megapixels polarisation cameras to its product portfolio with the addition of the Sony IMX250MZR 5 MP polarisation sensor, with integrated on-pixel polarisers, its uEye CP camera family.