Analytical instruments

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Photometric gas analyser

Servomex has unveiled a new photometric gas analysis solution that is suited to use in a range of applications.
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Lens provides thermographers with two lenses in one

Teledyne FLIR, part of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, has introduced the FlexView dual field-of-view (DFOV) lens attachment for FLIR Axxx and Txxx Series thermography cameras designed to improve operational efficiency, safety, and accuracy from switchyards to the plant floor. 
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Moving from preventative to predictive maintenance in emissions monitoring

Increased focus on emissions mean that industry is under greater pressure to increase the agility and reliability of emissions monitoring in real-time. ABB’s Datalyzer is designed to help industry respond to this challenge.


  1. 01/11/2021 OEE starter kit

    Monitoring product throughput at various locations in a process can help identify where and when production bottlenecks appear. One of the key elements to identify the cause of a slowdown is to be able to experience it in real time. Knowing that production was lost at 2pm on the day before isn’t really helpful, as you are unable to identify what happened.

  2. 12/10/2021 Reliable through-process temperature surveys from hostile environments

    Fluke Process Instruments has introduced the latest Datapaq Furnace Tracker System – complete with the TP6 data logger, thermal barriers and software.

  3. 20/09/2021 Precision optical spectrum analyzer

    Yokogawa has launched a new optical spectrum analyzer (OSA) designed to offer the extreme high precision demanded by researchers developing the next generation of optical communication components.

  4. 01/08/2021 Oil sampling kits and analysis service supports preventative maintenance programmes

    RS Components (RS) has announced availability of RS PRO oil-analysis kits for customers to send oil samples to RS labs for testing and to get fast feedback on oil condition.

  5. 20/07/2021 Real-time subsea meter calibration tool

    TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory (NEL) has launched NEL-SURE, a real-time software tool for the verification of subsea multiphase flow meters (MPFM), that will help operators to optimise reservoir management and revenues.

  6. 15/06/2021 New leak and flow test system

    Chell Instruments has introduced the PIT 100, a self-contained automated leak and flow test system.

  7. 01/03/2021 Thermal imagers simplify proactive maintenance

    Fluke has launched two new rugged thermal imagers – the TiS55+ and TiS75+ – which are said to be suited to preventative maintenance applications.

  8. 11/01/2021 Borescope enhances temperature monitoring of furnaces

    AMETEK Land has launched a mid-wavelength borescope – the MWIR-B-640 – designed for furnace applications. 

  9. 06/12/2020 Flammable gas detection: the next generation

    Crowcon Detection Instruments has introduced what it believes to be the world’s first fixed detector which includes a Molecular Property Spectrometer (MPS) sensor. 

  10. 10/08/2020 3D inspection robot system speeds up quality control testing

    Fast and accurate robotic testing is said to enable validation of more batches in much less time for the automotive, aerospace, heavy machinery and construction sectors.

  11. 02/03/2020 Non-invasive inspection of oil and gas separators

    An optical gas imager from FLIR Systems is said to be safely and efficiently enabling oil and gas producers to undertake routine, non-invasive inspections in their oil and gas separators.

  12. 27/01/2020 Easy-to-deploy vibration sensor simplifies asset monitoring

    The AMS Wireless Vibration Monitor is a low-cost, easy-to-deploy, vibration sensor from Emerson. It is able to perform prescriptive analytics on vibration data using native software to automatically identify failure modes and prevent potential problems involving rotating assets.

  13. 22/11/2019 Continuous oxygen analysis

    Oxygen is the latest parameter to be added to Signal’s advanced range of Series 4 continuous gas analysers.

  14. 04/11/2019 Infrared spark detector

    StuvEx has launched the PSD3-D infrared spark detector which can detect the infrared energy created by embers, sparks and flames in pipelines and other parts of a process system.

  15. 29/10/2019 Cost and time saving solution for tank and silo calibration

    Replacing time-consuming and cumbersome test-weight, flow-meter or material-substitution methods, Mettler Toledo’s RapidCal tank scale calibration system instead applies downward force applied with hydraulic equipment that mimics tank-scale loading during normal operation.

  16. 29/10/2019 Thermal camera with multipoint laser pointer

    FLIR Systems has introduced the FLIR TG267 thermal camera to its entry-level TG series line. The new model is said to offer improved sensitivity and resolution to help reduce diagnostic time.

  17. 30/09/2019 Wireless condition monitoring for pump systems

    Sulzer has introduced the Sense wireless IoT condition monitoring system which includes wireless sensors that can be attached to a pump, agitator, motor or any rotating equipment.

  18. 07/09/2019 Smart plastics make maintenance intelligent

    igus’ smart plastics are now able to monitor the health of energy chains, cables and bearings.

  19. 12/08/2019 DMM identifies thermal overloads from a distance

    RS Components has introduced the first digital multimeter (DMM) in its RS PRO product range to feature a built-in thermal imager.

  20. 05/08/2019 Condition monitoring for rollers

    Güdel has introduced condition monitoring for a set of industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) based products and tools, enabling customers to perform condition-based maintenance on smart Güdel products.