Process instrumentation

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Retrofittable IIoT module for control valves

Schubert & Salzer Control Systems has introduced a retrofittable Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) module for control valves which is said to make monitoring and predictive maintenance simple even for plant operating companies without special prior knowledge.
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Compact valve position indicator promises easy commissioning

Emerson has introduced the TopWorx DVR Switchbox, an entry-level addition to the DV Series of valve position indicators. It combines a durable enclosure, compact size and a cam design that provides water and wastewater systems, food and beverage production lines and industrial utilities a reliable valve position feedback tool.
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High-flow solenoid valve increases reliability and operating efficiency

Emerson has introduced the new ASCO Series 327C solenoid valve, which features a direct-acting, high-flow. The design features a balanced poppet construction that permits high flows at minimum power levels, making it well suited for use in power plants, refineries and chemical processing facilities.


  1. 20/11/2023 Monitoring surge protection for signal interfaces

    Surge protective devices from Phoenix Contact are able to protect signal lines from surge voltages caused by switching operations or lightning strikes.

  2. 17/10/2023 IIoT power supply for excom I/O System

    Turck has upgraded the power supply modules of its excom high availability I/O solution with two variants for IIoT data.

  3. 22/09/2023 Valve stem packing design helps reduce fugitive emissions

    Valves account for up to 70% of fugitive emissions (FE) from plants and refineries, so tackling leakage is a priority to help achieve carbon reduction goals.

  4. 28/08/2023 I/O series meets digital demands of oil and gas fields

    The ABB XIO series smart remote I/O is an extended range of all-in-one devices designed to monitor, control and manage oil and gas flow applications.

  5. 22/08/2023 Actuator range gains mobile App integration capabilities

    The IQ3 range of actuators from Rotork has been extended with the introduction of the IQ3 Pro with full mobile App integration.

  6. 01/08/2023 All-in-one I/O gateway links OT and IT

    Advantech has introduced the ADAM-6700 WISE-EdgeLink series, an IoT I/O gateway with functions including on-board I/O support and RS-485/Ethernet interface.

  7. 11/07/2023 Displacement level transmitter for demanding applications

    AMETEK Level Measurement Solutions (LMS) has launched the Magnetrol brand, E4 Modulevel displacer level transmitter.

  8. 10/07/2023 IO-Link enabled radar level sensor

    Equipped with IO-Link and versatile hygienic adapters, the new VEGAPULS 42 radar level sensor from VEGA is able to quickly perform complex measuring tasks.

  9. 16/05/2023 Flow measurement of high viscosity liquids

    Positive displacement flow measurement devices, such as Titan Enterprises’ Oval Gear (OG) flowmeters, are one of the most widely used types of flow meter for measuring the flow of petroleum liquids and petrochemical additive injection fluids.

  10. 30/01/2023 Bluetooth enabled radar level transmitter ensures safe and optimised operations

    Emerson has introduced the Rosemount 3408 level transmitter – a non-contacting radar device designed to optimise ease-of-use at every touchpoint, leading to increased site and worker safety and enhanced plant performance.

  11. 17/01/2023 Self-cleaning technology addresses control valve failure

    Self-cleaning metamorphic trim products stand to alleviate control valve failures caused by erosion from processing debris laden products, according to IMI Critical Engineering.

  12. 06/01/2023 Bringing configurable power into the field

    Power supplies in the new DN42xx range from ifm electronic have been designed for field mounting in automation applications and are suited for use in decentralised control systems.

  13. 20/09/2022 80 GHz radar level transmitter

    AMETEK Magnetrol’s new Pulsar Model R80 radar level builds upon the company's rexisting radar technology portfolio to include a 80 GHz radar transmitter for the industrial market.

  14. 12/09/2022 80 GHz radar level transmitter

    AMETEK Magnetrol’s new Pulsar Model R80 radar level builds upon the company's existing radar technology portfolio to include a 80 GHz radar transmitter for the industrial market.

  15. 12/07/2022 Portable flowmeter for on-demand pipe flow measurement without interruptions

    AW-Lake has introduced a new portable transit time ultrasonic flowmeter in addition to the full-sized clamp-on version that provides non-contacting flow measurement for challenging industrial environments.

  16. 04/07/2022 Gas pressure regulator upgraded to future-proof gas networks

    Oxford Flow has launched the latest version of its gas pressure regulator, the IM-S valve aimed at operators in the gas distribution, power generation, industrial gas and oil and gas sectors.

  17. 14/06/2022 Part-turn option added to actuator range

    The Rotork CK range of modular electric valve actuators has been extended to include a new part-turn variant, known as the CKQ.

  18. 06/06/2022 Solution for multiphase detection, measurement and control

    While level instrumentation has come a long way in measuring liquids of all varieties, multiphase level measurement remains a challenge.

  19. 16/05/2022 Emergency shutdown discrete valve controller improves safety and uptime

    Emerson has introduced the TopWorxTM DX PST with HART 7 valve controller which provides valve data and diagnostic information, enabling the digital transformation of process applications.

  20. 14/04/2022 Mass flow control redefined

    The new compact multifunctional mass flowmeters/controller for gases – FLEXI-FLOW from Bronkhorst – is said to combine the advantages of a through-chip-sensor with proven by-pass technology.