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Pay as you sense

Equipment rentals can help companies overcome the hurdle of finding investment capital to fund development and verification projects.
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Easy access to open industrial connectivity

Novotek is making Kepware software solutions readily available to industrial businesses. The product promises to bridge the connectivity gaps between diverse industrial automation devices and applications.
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Borescope enhances temperature monitoring of furnaces

AMETEK Land has launched a mid-wavelength borescope – the MWIR-B-640 – designed for furnace applications. 


  1. 04/01/2021 Splash-resistant articulated robot arm

    Igus has developed its very first IP44 rated water-resistant robolink articulated robotic arm – a low-cost automation solution made of polymer and stainless steel. 

  2. 30/12/2020 Providing SIL3 protection for mine hoist systems

    A safety programmable logic controller (PLC) has enabled a series of mine hoist systems to attain the highest SIL3 functional safety certification.

  3. 30/12/2020 Light-duty robot range

    The i4L SCARA is a new compact, low-cost robot from Omron.

  4. 17/12/2020 AR raises the bar on product inspection uptime

    Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection has introduced a remote Augmented Reality (AR) Customer Support service to enable remote identification of the cause of product inspection equipment issues.

  5. 16/12/2020 Could you make marshalling savings?

    Eaton has introduced an online Return On Investment (ROI) calculator designed to help specifiers determine the savings they could expect on a project by choosing Smart Universal Marshalling (SUM) over traditional methods.

  6. 14/12/2020 Quality control system is ready to go out of the box

    The new Modular Quality Control System (MQSD) is an off-the-shelf, multifunctional machine vision system from SICK which is delivered as a ready-to-use package of hardware and pre-written software.

  7. 11/12/2020 New IOT gateway for process industry

    Siemens has introduced the Sitrans CloudConnect 240 – a new IOT gateway for the process industry. It provides a second data channel – independent of the control system – which is used to transmit data from any HART-based field devices to the IT world.

  8. 11/12/2020 Extended range of industrial RTUs

    Red Lion Controls has expanded its SixTRAK line of industrial RTUs with the launch of STIPm-8460, powered by the Red Lion Workbench, which uses an IEC61131-3 compliant editor and runtime engine.

  9. 06/12/2020 Seven-axis lightweight cobot for industrials tasks

    Kassow Robots has introduced the KR1018, a new 7-axis lightweight cobot that is able to handle payloads of up to 18kg and which has a reach of up to 1,800mm and with a speed of up to 225 degrees per second.

  10. 06/12/2020 Industrial PCs aim to improve visualisation reliability and security

    Rockwell Automation has released new industrial PCs and software designed to improve the reliability and security of visualisation applications.

  11. 06/12/2020 Flammable gas detection: the next generation

    Crowcon Detection Instruments has introduced what it believes to be the world’s first fixed detector which includes a Molecular Property Spectrometer (MPS) sensor. 

  12. 01/12/2020 Compact but powerful new general-purpose robot

    FANUC has expanded its range of general-purpose industrial robots with the launch of the compact M-10iD/16S.

  13. 23/11/2020 Protecting controllers from manipulation and unauthorised access

    If people, machinery and industrial processes are intelligently linked, these networks are also more susceptible to attack. The Pilz SecurityBridge hardware solution is designed to protect the configurable, safe small controllers PNOZmulti and the automation system PSS 4000 from network-based attacks and unauthorised access.

  14. 23/11/2020 Software tool for fast and flexible connectivity

    Kontron is now able to offer, through its subsidiary Kontron AIS GmbH, the FabEagle connect software tool which links manufacturing and IT to enable fast and reliable data transfer.

  15. 23/11/2020 Wifi-free communication reduces automated handling risks

    Most robotic conveyor transport solutions rely on wifi communication for their operation, any instability in the connection can cause operational inefficiency. RARUK Automation believes it can now offer a solution, as part of its range of MiR autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).

  16. 17/11/2020 Angle seat valves enable high and constant flow

    The ASX series of pneumatically-operated angle seat valves from Camozzi Automation are designed to control steam, liquids, gas and fluids that contain suspended solid particulate matter.

  17. 15/11/2020 TSN Starterkit helps users gain entry to real-time computing

    Kontron has launched a new version of its TSN Starterkit. The FPGA software upgrade for the PCIe card in the TSN Starterkit or in existing SoftPLCs, Box PCs, gateways and industrial servers now enables IEEE 802.1Qbu and 802.1CB functionality.

  18. 10/11/2020 Lightweight 3D cameras

    The Ensenso N-Series is a compact 3D camera system from IDS is designed for 3D applications in robotics and automated series production with IP65/67 protection which makes it well-suited for use in harsh environments, offering protection against dirt, dust and water spray.

  19. 10/11/2020 Control valve combats vibration, cavitation and noise

    Emerson has introduced the Fisher V280 full-bore trunnion-mounted ball control valve for severe and specialty pressure, flow and process control applications.

  20. 02/11/2020 Collaborative information server

    Yokogawa Electric Corporation has developed Collaborative Information Server (CI Server) as part of its OpreX Control and Safety System family.