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Sidebot for high-speed collaborative automation applications

Wyzo is believed to be world’s first high-speed pick-and-place sidebot which is suitable for collaborative use alongside humans. 
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Making predictive maintenance deployment in just 14 days possible

Senseye has launched its new plug and play Starter Parks to help organisation’s rapidly begin their predictive maintenance journey.
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New leak and flow test system

Chell Instruments has introduced the PIT 100, a self-contained automated leak and flow test system.


  1. 15/06/2021 Rugged tablet promises optimal productivity in the field

    Getac has launched its next-generation K120 fully-rugged, IP66-rated tablet, for mobile field professionals working in challenging industries.

  2. 07/06/2021 App Store offers efficient distribution of industrial apps

    The Industrial App Store is an online shop window and secure data access portal that allows anyone to provide a service that requires secure access to their client’s process data. This data stays on the clients network so there is no need to copy, upload, or duplicate data in the cloud, which means no additional storage costs or transport fees.

  3. 07/06/2021 Butterfly valve range promises greater versatility

    Neles has introduced a versatile butterfly valve product range designed to enable easy valve configuration for a range of process industry applications.

  4. 01/06/2021 Middleware interface between the OT and IT environments

    The dataFEED Secure Integration Server product from Softing Industrial works as an abstract interface between the worlds of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT), offering users a set of key functionalities for efficient data exchange in a single component.

  5. 20/05/2021 Modular safety gate system expands

    The modular safety gate system from Pilz now includes the PSENmlock handle module. The gate module has an integrated actuator as well as an integrated escape release.

  6. 20/05/2021 RFID read/write head for ATEX Zone 1/21

    The Turck TN-R42/TC-Ex is believed to be the only HF RFID read/write head certified for direct use in ATEX Zone 1/21.

  7. 18/05/2021 Higher precision flow control options added to ball valves

    Bonomi (UK) Ltd has extended the scope of its stainless-steel ball valve, with ISO 5211 direct mounting pad, with the addition of V-Ball options.

  8. 18/05/2021 Compact 2D vision camera with deep learning

    SICK has introduced a vision camera with a pre-installed deep learning App to simplify the creation of customised quality inspections of complex or irregular-shaped goods, packaging and assemblies.

  9. 10/05/2021 Turning a flow indicator into a sensor

    The Elesa range of visual flow indicators can now be specified as flow measurement devices with the addition of an external PLC compatible sensor and impellor mounted activating clips.

  10. 04/05/2021 SCADA range grows to meet diversifying IoT needs

    Mitsubishi Electric has extended its SCADA lineup to offer two additional types of software for system monitoring and process control. GENESIS64 is said to complement the company’s existing MAPS SCADA software.

  11. 28/04/2021 Braking distance simulator improves safety and reduces robotic cell footprint

    ABB's RobotStudio offline programming and simulation software has been upgraded with a new virtual robot braking distance function that is designed to create an exact simulation of the real-world stopping distance of a robot.

  12. 26/04/2021 Ultrasonic safety sensor system

    Pepperl+Fuchs is expanding its ultrasonic sensor range with the addition of the USi-safety ultrasonic sensor system.

  13. 26/04/2021 Energy-efficient synchronous motors

    The IE5+ synchronous motor from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is now available in ventilated or smooth versions up to a power of 4.0 kW.

  14. 20/04/2021 80GHz continuous level measurement technology

    A non-contact radar sensing technology from SICK opens up the prospect of robust and reliable real-time monitoring of the levels of liquids and bulk solids in challenging industrial applications.

  15. 20/04/2021 Tank inventory software application improves operational efficiency

    Emerson has launched Rosemount TankMaster Mobile, a cross-platform inventory management software application for tank gauging systems which provides immediate secure access to critical tank data.

  16. 09/04/2021 Position sensors offer more

    MTS Sensors has introduced enhancements to its Temposonics R-Series V PROFINET position sensors – with functions such as machine monitoring and predictive maintenance, the focus of the new sensor generation is Industry 4.0.

  17. 06/04/2021 Hygienic synchronous drum motor performance extended

    Interroll has introduced its most powerful synchronous drum motor for belt conveyor systems which offer an output of 1.8 kilowatts. 

  18. 30/03/2021 High-resolution vision sensor with integrated lens

    SensoPart’s 5-megapixel sensor VISOR V50 is now available with integrated lens and lighting. An additional version with an increased depth of field allows the flexible detection of objects at fluctuating distances.

  19. 29/03/2021 Using machine vision and barcode data to identify performance issues

    Cognex Corporation has introduced the Edge Intelligence (EI) platform which provides barcode reading performance monitoring and device management to help customers prevent downtime and boost productivity of manufacturing and logistics operations.

  20. 22/03/2021 Magnetic gripper for safe and precise collaborative applications

    OnRobot has launched the MG10, an easy-to-use magnetic gripper for material handling, assembly and machine tending applications.