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AI manufacturing solutions expanded with apps and integrations

Pleora Technologies has introduced production-ready and customisable performance advances for its AI solutions to help manufacturers improve frontline processes and collect inspection data for analytics.
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Distance sensor is an all-rounder

The next-generation OD2000 distance sensor from SICK combines precision reliability with economy to deliver a versatile ‘all-rounder’ for multiple applications in factory automation and intralogistics.
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A control cabinet inverter all-rounder

Nord Drivesystems has expanded its NORDAC PRO inverter family to include sizes with powers of up to 22 kW. All five sizes in the product series have an integrated multi-protocol Ethernet interface and a slim, compact design.


  1. 20/09/2022 80 GHz radar level transmitter

    AMETEK Magnetrol’s new Pulsar Model R80 radar level builds upon the company's rexisting radar technology portfolio to include a 80 GHz radar transmitter for the industrial market.

  2. 12/09/2022 Software-based solution protects plant uptime

    Availability plays a crucial role in the process industry in particular, so building redundancy into automation technology designs is vital. Beckhoff expanded its extensive range of solutions in this area to include a software solution for redundant control operation –TwinCAT Controller Redundancy.

  3. 12/09/2022 80 GHz radar level transmitter

    AMETEK Magnetrol’s new Pulsar Model R80 radar level builds upon the company's existing radar technology portfolio to include a 80 GHz radar transmitter for the industrial market.

  4. 30/08/2022 Photometric gas analyser

    Servomex has unveiled a new photometric gas analysis solution that is suited to use in a range of applications.

  5. 30/08/2022 Intelligent fibre optic sensors

    SICK has launched its next generation, intelligent WLL80 Fibre Optic Sensors, designed for easy configuration and versatile integration into machinery and conveyor systems in applications where rapid, high accuracy detection is required in confined spaces.

  6. 22/08/2022 New connectors for Single Pair Ethernet

    Phoenix Contact is extending its portfolio of Onepair series data connectors for Single Pair Ethernet (SPE).

  7. 22/08/2022 Solutions for challenging inspection tasks

    SensoPart’s range of VISOR sensors now allows complex linking of detection results – previously reserved to much more expensive image processing systems or sophisticated PLC applications. These advanced possibilities for processing results are part of a free software upgrade.

  8. 22/08/2022 Automating the machine tending function

    The Robotiq Machine Tending Solution is the latest in a series of off-the-shelf kits that has allowed RARUK Automation to offer manufacturers an easy automated solution to undertake common tasks and boost productivity.

  9. 16/08/2022 OPC UA-based OT/IT integration solution with MQTT connection

    With its new edgeAggregator, Softing offers a flexible, container-based solution for managing complex system architectures in OT/IT integration all the way to edge and cloud applications.

  10. 16/08/2022 FM-approved fire & gas system

    The HazardWatch FX-12 Fire & Gas System from MSA Safety is aimed at process and safety engineers who need a full-featured fire and gas system with built-in cloud-ready capabilities.

  11. 09/08/2022 Software assists flow monitoring

    Testa Analytical has introduced version 1.4 of its flowmeter software for continuous monitoring of liquid flow from an analytical or preparative HPLC system, peristaltic pump, flow chemistry system or mass spectrometer.

  12. 03/08/2022 Five-axis Delta robot for lightweight product picking, packing and re-orientation

    ABB is expanding its FlexPicker Delta robot portfolio with the IRB 365. With five axis and 1.5kg payload, the robot is said to be both flexible and the fastest in its class for reorientating packaged lightweight products such as cookies, chocolates, peppers, candies, small bottles, and parcels.

  13. 02/08/2022 Operations control software strengthens workforce efficiency

    AVEVA has launched the 2023 release of its operations control software, the first major coordinated release of its HMI/SCADA software portfolio, available in both perpetual and subscription purchases.

  14. 01/08/2022 Foundation Fieldbus smart device communicator for Android

    ProComSol has released new Android based Smart Device Communicator Software for Foundation Fieldbus (FF).

  15. 25/07/2022 Augmented reality app launched for hose pump maintenance

    Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions (WMFTS) has launched the Bredel hose pump augmented reality (AR) customer app, designed to reduce maintenance time with clear step-by-step visual guidance. 

  16. 25/07/2022 Roller sensor bar for conveyor applications

    SICK has developed a Roller Sensor Bar to help reduce conveyor downtimes in wide-ranging materials handling, parcel sorting or logistics hubs.

  17. 18/07/2022 Edge controller offers flexible digitalisation solution

    As well as facilitating exchange of data between industrial control systems and cloud platforms the new edgeController from ifm electronic also provides freely programmable control functionality and versatile visualisation options in a single compact unit.

  18. 18/07/2022 New functions through update for Edge PC

    To transfer information from the local network to a cloud solution, Phoenix Contact completes its IIoT solution with firmware update 2022.0 for the EPC 1502 and EPC 1522 Edge PCs.

  19. 12/07/2022 Portable flowmeter for on-demand pipe flow measurement without interruptions

    AW-Lake has introduced a new portable transit time ultrasonic flowmeter in addition to the full-sized clamp-on version that provides non-contacting flow measurement for challenging industrial environments.

  20. 11/07/2022 Camera can look back with ease

    The LCAM 308 IP camera from Leuze is able to monitor hidden areas on stacker cranes and conveyor lines to allow operators of logistics centres to trace back events reliably and rectify faults quickly and efficiently.