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Quick wins to reduce compressed air use

Andy Macpherson explores some quick sustainability wins that can be easily implemented to help quickly reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency on a plant floor.
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Switching on to pneumatic innovations

Pneumatic cylinder switches may appear to be an automation commodity beyond advancement – but there is room for improvement, explains Steve Sands.
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Increasing productivity with digital pneumatics

The ambition of the Netherlands-based company, Cellro, is to offer flexible, process-controlled automation solutions to CNC machines, raising them up to Industry 4.0 levels and beyond.


  1. 31/01/2022 Pneumatics evolves for the digital era

    Chris Patient explains how pneumatic technology is adapting to the concept of digitalisation.

  2. 01/02/2021 Pneumatic flow control gets smart

    Reliable flow control equipment plays an essential part in the control of many manufacturing and industrial processes. Control Engineering Europe takes a closer look.

  3. 08/03/2020 Are pneumatic systems smart enough to survive?

    As Industry 4.0 starts to change the manufacturing and process industries, many have questioned whether pneumatics has a future. Control Engineering Europe asked some pneumatics providers what they think.

  4. 25/06/2018 Pneumatic control solution for automated loading and discharging solution

    Rotork has completed a contract to supply fully automated pneumatic control systems on high capacity biomass rail freight wagons supporting the decarbonisation project at Lynemouth Power Station in the UK.

  5. 15/05/2017 The digitalisation of pneumatics

    At Hannover Messe, Suzanne Gill spoke to Marcio Lopes da Silva, product manager at Festo, about the latest pneumatic developments from the company.

  6. 03/05/2017 A pneumatic revolution in automation?

    The Festo VTEM Motion Terminal heralds the beginning of a new era, catapulting pneumatics into the era of Industry 4.0 – with apps that can replace over 50 individual components. The latest developments in piezo technology and software have made this possible.

  7. 15/12/2015 Tips for increasing energy efficiency in pneumatic systems

    Festo has published Energy efficiency@Festo, a new guide which details a number of ways that plant managers can improve efficiency in their pneumatic production processes by up to 60%.  

  8. 10/02/2015 Pneumatic automation solution for water pumping station

    Guernsey Water has made the decision to use a pneumatic automation solution for the control of a remote pumping station.  CE UK finds out more.

  9. 23/10/2012 Pneumatic solution to brings control closer to the process in food application

    The AirLINE Quick valve island solution from Bürkert has helped to reduce installation costs, improve operating integrity and deliver ongoing economies in the control of up to 2000 pneumatic process components operating on a new dessert and yoghurt line installed by FrieslandCampina at a plant in Germany.

  10. 24/10/2011 Pneumatics – ensuring sustainability in plant automation

    There is always potential for further efficiency gains through the optimised use of energy, especially in large production facilities, says Festo. Suzanne Gill reports from an Audi plant in Hungary.

  11. 13/09/2011 Taking a look through Festo’s crystal ball

    Dr Ansgar Kriwet, a member of the Festo management board, region and sales Europe, has offered his vision of the future of global automation, and the role that Festo hopes to play.

  12. 09/08/2011 Pneumatic networks still use the bus

    In 2010, the global market for pneumatic valve blocks increased 18.4% to reach $861.5 million, which represented over 1 billion blocks. Almost half of these products included a facility to be networked. However, according to the latest market report from IMS Research, for every valve block networked with an Ethernet based protocol, nine were networked with a fieldbus.

  13. 31/03/2011 Safeguarding the operation of process control valves

    A high-integrity pressure regulator, designed for use with pneumatic control systems used for valve actuation in the oil, gas and other processing industries, has been introduced by Midland-ACS.

  14. 08/03/2011 Dual-redundant pressure regulator safeguards operation of process control valves

    Midland-ACS has introduced a high-integrity pressure regulator for use with pneumatic control systems used for valve actuation in the oil, gas and other processing industries.

  15. 08/02/2011 Robot-style handling and positioning performance at a fraction of the cost

    A compact, integrated motion control subsystem for automation applications has been introduced by Festo, to offer machine builders a flexible way of providing programmable rotary and linear movement. Said to be suitable for parts handling and positioning applications, the EHMB module incorporates an interesting decoupled design which enables the rotary and lifting movements to be controlled completely independently, enabling fast and accurate positioning.

  16. 28/07/2009 Valve terminal system has integrated IO Link interface

    The introduction of IO Link interface technology to pneumatics will likely make commissioning and maintenance easier—and provide expanded diagnostic possibilities as well. To support this open communication standard, Rexroth has integrated the IO Link interface into its popular LS04 valve terminal system.

  17. 18/05/2009 For Festo, Nature Shows the Way

    The most eye-catching display in the Festo stand at Hannover Fair were bionic ‘penguins’ swimming in a large tank and flying gracefully overhead. Taking their inspiration from nature, Festo’s engineers once again entertained the crowds with some serious motion control systems.