Motion control

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Simplified transport of sensitive workpieces

A key innovation of a new plasma systems treatment unit, created by Plasmatreat, is the inclusion of a planar motor system which transports workpieces with greater precision and flexibility.
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Two disciplines – one device

The integration of a fail-safe motion control system, multi-axis drive control and powerful communication interfaces and technology I/Os in one device saves valuable control cabinet space and facilitates the implementation of particularly challenging machine concepts extremely efficiently – including modularisation and optimum scalability.
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Six-axis vacuum-compatible motion solution

Earlier this year LG Motion delivered a six-axis vacuum-compatible precision motion system to AWE Aldermaston which is being used to determine properties of X-ray diffraction crystals prior to installation into X-ray sensitive diagnostics for fielding on laser plasma experiments.


  1. 14/07/2015 Magnetic levitation solution for PCB production

    Paul Streatfield, from Bosch Rexroth, examines a potential solution to particulate contamination on PCB production lines that combines linear drives and magnetic levitation.

  2. 06/01/2015 Centralised or decentralised - which way to go?

    Arne Linder, product manager at KOLLMORGEN, looks at the benefits and barriers to the use of centralised and decentralised servo technologies.

  3. 28/10/2014 Simulation table extends safety and performance testing

    The Thule Group, an outdoor and sport retail company, has selected Moog to supply a second hydraulic simulation table for its test lab in Hillerstorp, south Sweden.

  4. 01/10/2013 Ethernet-based motion control for innovative plastic bag machine

    Based on ABB's Ethernet Powerlink compatible motion control range, two UK-based plastic bag machine support specialists have co-operated to launch a machine offering new levels of programmability and bag production flexibility.

  5. 02/07/2013 Fuel tank test system developed for fiat group automobiles

    The Industrial Group of Moog has recently delivered a fuel tank test system to the Fiat Group Automobiles (FGA), designed to perform dynamic functional tests on automotive fuel tanks, with the ability to simulate real-world road conditions.

  6. 21/11/2011 New dimensions in decentralised drive architecture

    B&R is expanding its range of drives with a series of motor-integrated servo drives with IP65 protection.

  7. 14/11/2011 AC drives for largest ever active heave-compensated winch system

    AC drives manufacturer Vacon is to deliver liquid-cooled AC drives with a total power of 2.7 MW for active heave-compensated winches onboard a Norwegian-built Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) ship. The delivery will take place in March 2012.

  8. 01/11/2011 Blurring the control boundaries

    To both efficiently and cost-effectively handle the increasing complexity of automation, more users now expect a complete and consistent automation system, together with advanced engineering tools and support from their automation suppliers.

  9. 18/10/2011 Efficient drive solutions complement IE2 and IE3 motors

    More than two thirds of the total energy spend for industrial automation is consumed by electric drive technology and that an individual electric motor’s energy consumption makes up about 98% of its total cost of ownership over its average life.

  10. 22/03/2011 Slimmed down servo control

    The incredibly thin new servo controller from Beckhoff - measuring just 12mm wide - was displayed at SPS/IPS/Drives. The EL7201 servo terminal, for the Beckhoff EtherCAT Terminal system, integrates a complete servo drive for motors up to 200 W into a standard I/O terminal housing.

  11. 14/03/2011 Machinery safety for packaging machines

    Following renewed risk assessments that led to an updated machine safety design concept for a servo-driven film wrapping machine, BVM Brunner now has the flexibility to meet a variety of customer requirements while ensuring the safety of machine operators.

  12. 01/03/2011 Linear motors application guide update

    Aerotech has released an updated edition of its popular Linear Motors Application Guide including a new section on applying linear motors as components in servo positioning systems.

  13. 15/02/2011 Multi-axis coating machine handles high volume throughput

    A real-time Ethernet motion control system has helped Advanced Coating Robotics (ACR) to create a new conformal coating machine that combines exceptional three-dimensional spraying accuracy with high throughput.

  14. 08/02/2011 Robot-style handling and positioning performance at a fraction of the cost

    A compact, integrated motion control subsystem for automation applications has been introduced by Festo, to offer machine builders a flexible way of providing programmable rotary and linear movement. Said to be suitable for parts handling and positioning applications, the EHMB module incorporates an interesting decoupled design which enables the rotary and lifting movements to be controlled completely independently, enabling fast and accurate positioning.

  15. 01/12/2010 Motion control perfects Yorkshire pudding recipe!

    For the perfect Yorkshire pudding you need exactly the right amount of batter, not too much or too little. Western Mechanical Handling (WMH) UK has developed a system to produce perfect results every time.