Drives and motors

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EU legislation aims to improve energy efficiency

Jeremy Wilkinson looks at the latest EU directive and explains how a proactive approach can help achieve the greatest energy savings.
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Making manufacturing more sustainable…right now

Owain Betts explains the important role that Variable Frequency Drives are already playing in helping manufacturers adopt more sustainable practices.
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New drivers for drives

Wilhelm Kaiser discusses the newest driver for the adoption of variable speed drives (VSDs) – sustainability.


  1. 22/06/2023 An energy efficiency opportunity?

    Marek Lukaszyzk explains how updated EU motor efficiency regulations present an opportunity for industrial manufacturers to invest in more efficient motors to help overcome rising energy costs.

  2. 27/03/2023 Reducing energy costs and increasing product quality with variable frequency drives

    Replacing an inefficient damper-based fan system with variable frequency drives has helped a Brazilian ceramics producer reduce energy use in part of its process by 60%, while increasing the quality of its products at the same time.

  3. 20/06/2022 Variable speed drives save energy on Archimedes’ screws

    Successful trials at three Anglian Water sites prove variable speed drives can cut the energy used by Archimedes’ screws.

  4. 14/12/2021 Decode your motor’s nameplate

    Whether you are looking to replace or repair a motor, it is important to give accurate details of the motor you currently have. The most relevant information should be recorded on the motor's nameplate. Karl Metcalfe explains what the key elements mean.

  5. 11/10/2021 Variable speed drives for safer operations

    WEG has released a free whitepaper including architecture design examples for implementing VSDs in different safety systems. 

  6. 23/08/2021 Improving efficiency in the pulp and paper industry

    Anders Nazell explains how it is possible to contribute to an even greener future for the pulp and paper industry, by making small equipment upgrades.

  7. 28/06/2021 Customisation to standard motors fulfills multiple space application requirements

    Through a combination of standard industrial motors and creative collaboration, advanced technology customisations are made to allow high-precision, long-life motors to make it to Mars and beyond.

  8. 28/09/2020 Slotless versus slotted brushless DC motors

    Brushless DC motors are the technology of choice for applications operating at higher speeds. However two different motor architectures can present a selection conundrum, says Madhavan Ramanujam and Cyril Baud.

  9. 01/09/2020 Driving towards cost-effective condition monitoring

    A new approach to smart condition monitoring allows much more than just monitoring machines and processes – it provides extensive information about the ‘state of health’ of machines and plants without the need for any additional, costly sensor technology, says Marc Vissers. 

  10. 10/08/2020 Servo motor sizing for precision pumping applications

    Interestingly, there are some operating conditions where servomotors that should be big enough for an application are actually too small, in terms of their power rating. Find out more. 

  11. 20/07/2020 Bringing old technology into the digital era

    Control Engineering Europe finds out how a traditional mains-driven geared motor can be integrated into the IIoT without the need for a frequency inverter.

  12. 26/06/2020 Drying application benefits from the addition of VFDs

    Tea manufacturers in Sri Lanka have benefitted from both energy reductions and increased product quality since the adoption of variable frequency drives into the leaf drying process.

  13. 22/07/2019 Key criteria for industrial drive specification

    Paul Streatfield explores the most recent criteria for industrial drive specification, which helps machine builders meet the challenges posed by today’s industrial requirements.

  14. 08/07/2019 Efficient motion system engineering reduces motor costs

    Configuration using PC-based control software, EtherCAT networks, integrated drives, and one-cable technology (OCT) can simplify motion control system design and reduce servomotor costs, says Matt Prellwitz.

  15. 08/07/2019 Matching an air motor to an application

    Franck Roussillon offers some advice on how to match the most suitable air motor to an application.

  16. 28/05/2019 Accuracy of floating crane hoist improved with variable speed drive

    The main hoist of a crane vessel capable of lifting more than 80 tonnes of load can now operate more precisely and accurately following the installation and commissioning of a heavy-duty Optidrive P2 variable frequency drive from Invertek Drives.

  17. 04/05/2018 Direct current to the rescue

    Control Engineering Europe finds out more about a new approach to energy efficiency and system cost optimisation through the use of a DC grid.

  18. 14/01/2018 Why your DC motor might fail

    Control Engineering UK finds out more about the factors that have a role to play in DC motor failure.

  19. 04/12/2017 Overcoming the barriers to energy efficiency

    The drive towards energy efficiency is not as straightforward as it might appear and it is important to recognise and overcome any barriers to reap the benefits, says Heikki Kervinen.

  20. 12/11/2017 What is the smallest speed increment that can be set on a servo motor?

    Andrew Fallows considers this frequently asked question on the issue of speed control and offers some advice to engineers.