Plant safety and security

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Reasons for system integrators to comply with IEC 62443

Massimiliano Latini explains why system integrators need to ensure that their automation systems are IEC 62443-compliant to adhere to international cybersecurity requirements.
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Securing the IoT by design

Joe Lomako offers advice on the preventative measures that can be taken to secure processes against cyber attacks.
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Looking to the future

Alexandre Peixoto and Rick Gorskie discuss some simple strategies to achieve the most value from cyber risk assessments.


  1. 01/09/2020 Guidelines for securing industrial networks

    Because component suppliers are playing an increasingly important role in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) networks, it is useful to understand the security requirements they must meet when designing devices for deployment on them. Susan Lan reports.

  2. 27/07/2020 Overcoming lubricant challenges

    Phil Burge discusses the importance of using the right lubrication in the right application, and looks at technological advancements designed to reduce bearing wear and corrosion.

  3. 15/06/2020 Don’t neglect ESPE inspections

    Lee Ray highlights the importance of regular inspection and testing of electro-sensitive protective equipment.

  4. 05/05/2020 Cybersecurity: An indispensable digital transformation co-pilot

    To drive operational efficiencies, improve performance or to gain a competitive edge, digital transformation is being adopted in almost in every operational technology (OT) environment. This means that, to safely connect plants and sites –irrespective of whether it an on-premise or off-premise solution – cybersecurity is not optional, says Arun Veeramani.

  5. 27/04/2020 Stay alert to your vulnerabilities

    David Emm, principal security researcher at Kaspersky answers questions about industrial cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

  6. 07/04/2020 Myth busting

    Alvis Chen shares some best practice advice to help enhance industrial network security.

  7. 02/03/2020 Incorporating resilience in safety and control layers

    In recent years, large-scale professional cyberattacks and chip hardware vulnerabilities affecting industrial plants around the globe have clearly shown the need for the process industry to take segregation and cybersecurity more seriously says Rehan Ahmad and Shafeekh Rahiman.

  8. 18/02/2020 Enhancing safety with mobile solutions

    The goal of enterprise mobility solutions is to network people, plants and systems, using data as efficiently as possible. The use of intrinsically safe smart devices can help improve productivity and the safety of employees, says Dietmaer Deppisch.

  9. 03/09/2019 Get wise to cyber threats

    Suzanne Gill finds out more about the cyber security issues that face industry today and gets advice on the steps that should be taken to ensure greater plant level security.

  10. 03/09/2019 Functional Safety: a technology challenge

    Today components and systems frequently become available which are too technologically advanced for current standard requirements and cannot support the assessment of device functional safety appropriately. Suitable approaches are therefore required to protect systems against unauthorised access and safety-relevant manipulation of the safety functions embedded within hardware and software, argues Stewart Robinson MIET MInstMC.

  11. 01/04/2019 NIS: not just a compliance exercise

    Phillip J Corner discusses some shortcomings of the NIS directive, arguing that, while it focuses on technology, good governance is equally vital to manage security.

  12. 25/02/2019 Safe operation of flameproof motors in explosive atmospheres

    Maintenance and inspection of flameproof motors is critical to ensure safe operation. Pedro Maia offers advice on keeping them in good working order.

  13. 17/12/2018 Preventing incidents: Effective process safety management

    To prevent dangerous process incidents from occurring, facilities should employ effective communication, provide workers with appropriate training, and have strong and up-to-date policies and procedures in place. Gregory Hale highlights 11 key principles.

  14. 18/09/2018 Efficient connections for the Ex zone

    Howard Forryan argues the case for the use of Ex connectors, in place of hard-wired solutions, in hazardous areas.

  15. 13/08/2018 The key to effective cyber security

    Derek Lane, automation manager at WAGO, explains how IT and OT convergence can help protect against cyber threats.

  16. 07/08/2018 AGV protective fields – does size matter?

    Dr Martin Kidman looks at safety laser scanner technologies which are a vital component of AGVs.

  17. 30/07/2018 Safety can now pay its way!

    Arguably, information is the most powerful tool in manufacturing today, with data being made available from the component to enterprise level and converted into information-enabled management tools. But, what effect is this having on machine safety?

  18. 04/06/2018 IT and OT collaboration is vital for a secure Industry 4.0

    Increasing connectivity of machines and equipment is offering manufacturers competitive advantage by producing goods more efficiently. However, the only way that Industry 4.0 can succeed is when IT and OT collaborate on an overarching security approach, argues Anja Dienelt.

  19. 13/05/2018 Mastering the Industry 4.0 security challenge

    Factory and process automation are now reaching new levels of integration which opens the way to considerably higher degrees of efficiency, process control and flexibility. However, it also calls for increased security to protect the whole factory from malware and unauthorised intrusion, says Maximillian Korff.

  20. 08/04/2018 Overcoming the security challenge

    Connectivity is often seen as a significant challenge to plant security, and in the new era of IIoT it is vital that security considerations are prioritised. Suzanne Gill reports.