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Adding machine controllers to the factory floor

Martin Gadsby explains how factory automation projects can leverage the most suitable machine control solutions.
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Is it time to look at edge computing?

Stephen Hayes explains why now is the right time to look deeper into industrial edge computing.  
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Is your legacy PLC failing you on food hygiene?

Edward Ralph looks at how PLCs can help address hygiene and food safety issues.


  1. 09/12/2019 Engineering on a global scale!

    Today’s engineering projects are executed by a variety of stakeholders. But, can the process control system provide a reliable basis for effective and efficient collaboration? Manuel Keldenich believes they can.

  2. 05/08/2019 What is rate-predictive control?

    A new non-PID control algorithm, rate-predictive control (RPC), is adaptive to changes in process gain. This is helpful, says Allan Kern, given the difficult history of loop tuning, auto-tuning, and model maintenance.

  3. 03/06/2019 PLC addresses malting process reliability issues

    A new control system has offered malting company, Crisp, with some impressive process improvements.

  4. 21/05/2019 Gaining an edge in automation

    Edge computing advances give users more options for architecting automation systems, flexible communications and programming choices, says Benson Hougland.

  5. 13/05/2019 Machine control: The benefits of gaining intelligence

    Control Engineering Europe focuses on the increasing addition of artificial intelligence technology in machine control solutions, asking what benefits this will bring for the machine builder and the end user.

  6. 30/04/2019 Retrofitting Industry 4.0

    Find out how medical technology company, Ypsomed, was able to retrofit Industry 4.0 digital control systems onto its legacy plastic injection moulding machines.

  7. 10/06/2018 Optimising productivity for warehouse packing

    An industrial edge computer is being used in warehouse packing operations to help optimise workflow.

  8. 04/06/2018 Addressing old challenges with new controllers

    Suzanne Gill looks at the features of modern machine controllers that can offer benefits in food industry applications.

  9. 18/12/2017 Machine control for today and tomorrow

    Suzanne Gill collects the thoughts of solution providers relating to current trends and the most important requirements for successful machine control solutions today.

  10. 15/10/2017 Will there be room for CNC and PLCs in the factory of the future?

    As automation in manufacturing increases control systems are having to become increasingly complex and efficient.  We investigate what role different industrial controllers might have to play in the future.

  11. 18/09/2017 OEM size doesn’t matter when it comes to Industry 4.0

    Many smaller machine builders may feel that smart factory technology is not relevant for them. However this could not be further from the truth, particularly when it comes to choosing a PLC, says Rami Hanan, VP of sales and marketing at Unitronics.

  12. 23/08/2017 When size matters

    An innovative compact control solution was specified for use on an equally innovative photochromic lense coating technology. Control Engineering Europe finds out more.

  13. 30/01/2017 Control systems: repair or replace?

    Nick Boughton discusses best practice for obsolescence management from a systems integrator point of view.

  14. 28/11/2016 Gaining control through automation

    Barry Graham discusses the benefits that today’s control systems can offer the food and beverage industry sector and outlines the far-reaching potential of today’s control systems. 

  15. 16/10/2016 PC-based control holds the key!

    Making key and locking mechanisms requires the use of very high-precision production technology that needs to be able to compensate for temperature fluctuations, even of a few degrees. 

  16. 01/03/2016 PACs evolve to meet changing needs

    Control Engineering Europe reports on the new breed of Ethernet-enabled Process Automation Controllers (PACs) which have evolved to help the process industry meet the need for greater plant flexibility and reliability, while also addressing new industry threats.

  17. 16/02/2016 Control system solution for remotely operated vehicle

    Lewis Gear, of systems integrator TBG Solutions, discusses how the company has helped one customer to create a reliable and flexible control system for a new class of subsea remotely operated vehicle (ROV).

  18. 11/08/2015 Project delivery optimisation – a new methodology

    Honeywell Process Solutions is suggesting a paradigm shift in the way projects are implemented is required to get the type of capital efficiency that industrial businesses need to achieve in today’s competitive, tight-margin environment.

  19. 10/03/2015 DCS migration – planning is key

    A recent white paper from US-based systems integrator, Maverick Technologies, details the best approach for DCS migration, starting with justification and ending with commissioning and startup. 

  20. 09/12/2014 PLC adds value to modernised rice filling machine

    When it needed to modernise an outdated rice-filling machine, Impasa Automation also wanted to take the opportunity to create a customised display for its customer.