HMIs/SCADA/operator interfaces

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Future-proofing control at Drax Power Station

Suzanne Gill reports on the Drax Power Station decarbonisation journey, focussing in particular on the need for a new supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) solution that would help ensure a more integrated control solution and ensure the operation is future-proofed.
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SCADA: Bridging the OT/IT divide

Christian Nomine discusses how SCADA can overcome one of the key barriers to the digital transformation of a company’s operations.
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SCADA considerations

Rashesh Mody suggests that organisations focus on four key elements when using SCADA and HMI.


  1. 08/02/2021 Minimising system security gaps

    Ranbir Saini offers advice on how to identify and overcome SCADA vulnerabilities.

  2. 05/10/2020 Independent SCADA as a tool for integration

    Martyn Williams explains the role of SCADA software in smart factories and argues that hardware-independent software is essential for making the transition to Industry 4.0.

  3. 04/08/2020 Cloud solutions enable remote work productivity, without replacing SCADA

    Eric Fidler offers advice on how to use SCADA to best advantage, and the way it’s meant to be used.

  4. 12/05/2020 Protecting your PLC systems from security threats

    While increasing connectivity can offer significant benefits it can also increase the cybersecurity risk to control. Steve Ward explains further.

  5. 10/02/2020 SCADA goes on a transformation journey

    Christian Nomine explores the changing requirements for both SCADA software and HMI systems across the manufacturing and processing sectors as the importance of collecting, storing and analysing data grows.

  6. 04/01/2020 5G: A game changer for plant control and process automation?

    Carl Nash examines the use case for 5G in a SCADA context – looking at how it can pave the way for increased performance and greater functionality in plant automation, with simpler implementation than traditional wireless networks. 

  7. 29/10/2019 Data gathering from disparate PLCs

    Find out how a medical appliance manufacturer cost-effectively solved a data gathering headache in a factory full of multiple branded devices.

  8. 30/10/2018 To cloud or not to cloud?

    Martyn Williams explains how today’s large scale data acquisition requires new methods of storage, and why the security requirements of cloud-based systems are so complex.

  9. 21/02/2017 SCADA and the cloud: a perfect partnership?

    Suzanne Gill reports on the changing role of SCADA systems as we enter the era of smart manufacturing and IIoT.

  10. 10/01/2017 Making alarming improvements

    Find out how Interconnector UK solved a two-way remote alarm management challenge on a bi-directional gas pipeline.

  11. 06/12/2016 SCADA’s role in optimising production

    Brigitte Händler discusses the requirements for a SCADA system in an age of digitisation.

  12. 27/06/2016 Device convergence in the industrial space

    Ben Savage explores the advantages and disadvantages of converged devices for industrial applications and offers advice on what specifiers should be looking for.

  13. 13/04/2016 Mobile devices - Taking things slowly

    Suzanne Gill reports on the use of mobile devices in industrial applications. It appears to be a slow-burn technology on the plant floor and there are some hurdles that need to be overcome before mobile devices become more widely used.

  14. 08/12/2015 Future-proofing your HMIs

    It is important to ensure that HMIs have the capability to work with devices and platforms being used to implement the IoT and Industry 4.0, says Fabio Terezinho.

  15. 03/03/2015 Visualising the control room of the future

    Many control room engineers are working in an uncomfortable environment with outdated equipment. Tightening margins and higher production targets further add to the pressure on them and it is important that operators have the tools they need to meet the demands of their job, and enable them to add value to the process operation, says Bruce Calder, vice president of Technology at Honeywell Process Solutions.

  16. 02/12/2014 Integrated automation solution benefits

    Control Engineering Europe spoke to Carsten Meier, marketing manager TIA Portal, Siemens AG, Digital Factory Division, to find out what benefits TIA Portal can offer users today, and in the future.

  17. 18/11/2014 SCADA solutions offer greater mobility

    Control Engineering Europe looks at some recent enhancements and additions to offer additional versatility to SCADA and visualisation solutions.

  18. 21/01/2014 ARMing OEMs with a solution for changing automation needs

    The increasing degree of networking in automation calls for a new generation of intelligent, decentralised networked devices. Standardized Computer on Modules with the SMARC specification with ARM SoCs are now enabling this new class of device to be developed efficiently. Martin Unverdorben, product manager, Computer-on-Modules at Kontron, explains.

  19. 07/05/2013 SCADA solution offers a more detailed view of textile production

    The process of dying and knitting yarn for textile process has long been machine automated. However, advanced SCADA software has provided an intuitive development environment for robust monitoring and data acquisition applications, making it possible to follow that process through every step – from raw material to finished product.

  20. 26/03/2013 Roll grinding made easy with Ethernet

    A control system is helping machine-tool expert Halifax Numerical Controls (HNC) to achieve success in the competitive market for roll grinders for rubber-coated rollers.