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Wireless to the last mile

Alexander Weber discusses the beneficial relationship that IO-Link Wireless and 5G can offer in industrial applications.
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Wireless connectivity: trends and considerations

Well-engineered design, which takes into account the physical environment, safety, and security will help make wireless control the new normal in factories and plants around the globe.
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HART technology evolves with HART-IP

Paul Sereiko highlights how the HART technology has been developed, alongside other technologies, to allow it to continue to meet the needs of the industry marketplace.


  1. 01/06/2021 The time is right to embrace SPE

    Ruud van den Brink argues that Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) is essential to helping the IIoT drive industrial automation forward and that now is the time to embrace this technology.

  2. 20/05/2021 The time is right to move on from 4-20mA

    In the process industry 4-20 mA technology is still the standard. New technologies will need to measure up, above all to its simplicity and reliability. Ethernet-APL, an enhanced physical layer for single-pair Ethernet (SPE) based on 10BASET1L, looks set to achieve this. Ronny Becker and Andreas Hennecke report.

  3. 18/05/2021 Securing smart manufacturing and workforce confidence

    Glenn Schulz highlights the importance of real-time IT/OT data access when it comes to improving efficiency and productivity.

  4. 10/05/2021 SPE: Enabling reliable IIoT infrastructure

    Stuart McKay, explains more about the benefits that Single-pair Ethernet (SPE), the latest development in Ethernet data communications, looks set to bring to the industrial sector.

  5. 20/04/2021 5G starts to roll out

    Control Engineering Europe spoke to Sander Rotmensen, director industrial wireless communication at Siemens Digital Industries about 5G technology.

  6. 06/04/2021 5G: Paving the way for Industry 4.0?

    Friedrich Haussmann discusses the benefits and barriers to the adoption of 5G in industrial applications.

  7. 16/03/2021 New Single Pair Ethernet for condition monitoring applications

    Maurice O’Brien explains how it is now possible to quickly develop and deploy an end-to-end-monitoring and predictive maintenance service-based solution and to benefit from high quality asset health insights and power on two wires.

  8. 19/01/2021 A new video explains key benefits of using a fieldbus

    A video explains one of the most dramatic evolutions in the industrial automation Industry – The transition from 4-20 mA to digital fieldbuses. Learn about both technologies, including examples with PROFIBUS, representing fieldbuses.

  9. 11/01/2021 Can wireless solutions solve real industry problems?

    Brett Binnekade discusses the use and benefits of wireless technology in the automation industry. 

  10. 16/11/2020 Reducing cabinet clutter

    Stephen Hayes explains how food processing operations can be more easily reconfigured by adopting automation without cabinets, resulting in machines that can be transported and moved around quickly and easily.

  11. 10/11/2020 Safety services on a standard network

    Communication networks have changed the look of today’s automation systems by distributing processing, sensors and actuators to where they are required. The ODVA says that CIP Safety provides the same benefits to safety systems. 

  12. 02/11/2020 Communication technologies: supporting digitalisation

    Dr Peter Wenzel comments on industrial technology trends and the impact they are having on industrial communication solutions.

  13. 28/09/2020 Connecting industrial applications to a private 5G network

    Control Engineering Europe finds out more about an industrial 5G router for private networks, by speaking to Frank Hakemeyer, director of communication interfaces at Phoenix Contact Electronics.

  14. 22/09/2020 Empowering innovative business models with a standardised IIoT ecosystem

    Glenn Schulz, managing director at the FDT Group, explains how and why the FDT standard is helping to support the digital transformation for manufacturers.

  15. 08/09/2020 Connecting industrial applications to a private 5G network

    Control Engineering Europe finds out more about an industrial 5G router for private networks, by speaking to Frank Hakemeyer, director of communication interfaces at Phoenix Contact Electronics.

  16. 25/08/2020 Is 5G ready for deployment in the real world?

    Brendan O’Dowd comments on the rise of 5G mobile technology, as the industry gets set to test its ‘six 9s’ capability.

  17. 14/07/2020 IO-Link: making the automation environment smarter

    Industrial environments are generating more data than ever. Whether for production volume, downtime or serial numbers, this information can offer insight into processes and productivity, as Svenja Litz and Kate Zimmerman explain.

  18. 01/06/2020 Staying in the loop!

    You just received one of the new technology HART communicators that use your smart phone. You connect the modem to your HART instrument, launch the App and… nothing happens… ‘error connecting to device’. What’s going on? ProComSol offers some advice.

  19. 27/05/2020 HART: Evolution in action

    Wally Pratt, director of HART technology at FieldComm Group, brings us up to date with developments of the HART Communication Protocol.

  20. 19/05/2020 Making the IIoT real

    With SPE technology advancing rapidly Control Engineering Europe finds out what this could mean for the adoption of Ethernet technology at field level.