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Is 5G FWA a game changer?

Todd Mussman discusses the potential of 5G fixed wireless access within the manufacturing environment.
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5G on the factory floor

Fiona Treacy explains the role that 5G has to play in accelerating efficiency in manufacturing plants.
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Multiple device management advice

Suzanne Gill asked two International standards organisations to offer some advice to control engineers about how they can simplify the task of multiple device management in the industrial environment – and of managing legacy devices in particular.


  1. 02/10/2023 Wirelessly enabling digitalisation

    Industrial wireless communication solutions have helped enable digitalisation for one tyre manufacturer.

  2. 30/05/2023 The time for TSN is coming

    Suzanne Gill reports on the benefits that Time Sensitive Networking can offer in industrial applications, once the barriers to its adoption are overcome.

  3. 22/05/2023 Stepping into the future

    When Orisol, a provider of automated systems for footwear production, wanted to futureproof its offering it found that TSN offered the ideal networking technology.

  4. 27/03/2023 Enabling precise configuration with open standards

    When it comes to increasing the performance of industrial environments the ability to use pre-emptive maintenance methods, utilising data provided by advanced device diagnostics, is key, according to Steve Biegacki, Managing Director at FDT Group.

  5. 17/10/2022 Industrial communications: the next big thing!

    Suzanne Gill asked what control engineering can expect the next big development to be in industrial communication technologies.

  6. 20/09/2022 Is it time to go wireless?

    Wireless technology has always offered many benefits over traditional cabling. Today, the technical improvements in both 5G and Wi-Fi 6 make wireless technology an even more appealing choice for industrial applications, says Oliver Hammarstig.

  7. 28/06/2022 Making good use of IO-Link

    Rolf Horn discusses a variety of applications which benefit from the use of the IO-Link communication protocol.

  8. 26/05/2022 IO-Link: More than just an interface

    David Dearden looks at the growing popularity of IO-Link, especially within the machinery safety industry, and he explains how its adoption can help machine builders and end users roll out an effective preventative maintenance programme, maintain efficient processes and protect personnel.

  9. 09/05/2022 SPE heralds end-to-end Ethernet-based communication across the enterprise

    Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) has been gaining attention in recent years. Suzanne Gill finds out more about its possibilities, potential applications and its advantages, when compared to conventional industrial Ethernet solutions.

  10. 11/04/2022 Driving up sustainability with your communications network

    Tom Burke explains why selecting the right network technology is a key step in enhancing sustainability in manufacturing.

  11. 04/04/2022 Secure remote access via public 5G network

    Sander Rotmensen looks at the potential for 5G for industrial applications where remote access to distance equipment is required.

  12. 04/04/2022 Gaining an edge with TSN

    John Browett discusses how industrial communication solutions can help end-users reap the benefits of the edge. 

  13. 21/03/2022 Moving to the edge

    Steven Fales explains why end-users should be looking to move intelligence to the edge. He discusses the role of industrial communication standards in helping organisations make this move.

  14. 21/03/2022 Establishing OPC UA as THE open standard of choice for data interoperability

    The dream has become reality – says Stefan Hoppe – one accepted operational technology (OT) to information technology (IT) connection based on OPC UA via MQTT and supported by all major vendors.

  15. 24/01/2022 Upgrading automation devices with TSN connectivity

    John Browett explains how to fit TSN within existing platforms and communications protocols.

  16. 05/01/2022 Wireless pump monitoring and control for reservoirs

    Ian Loudon explores what is needed for industry to overcome monitoring and control challenges in applications where assets are dispersed over a wide area.

  17. 30/12/2021 Giving Edge networks an edge

    How do you ensure all devices and Ethernet nodes in a system are connected so that operators receive the critical data they need to maintain continuous operations? Moxa highlights three key criteria for choosing unmanaged Ethernet switches.

  18. 15/12/2021 TSN: the future of industrial automation?

    Jeremy Shinton explains how TSN-compatible automation components can create agile and futureproof factories.

  19. 14/12/2021 Redundant HART multidrop flow metering skid

    When the gas metering division of a customer in Malaysia needed a way to provide redundancy and high measurement resolution for metering skids, Moore Industries offered a solution with its HES HART to Ethernet Gateway System.

  20. 01/11/2021 Ethernet: moving to field level

    We find out from the ODVA how Ethernet is cost-effectively traversing the last mile to field devices in industrial applications.