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Non-contact level sensor overcomes media challenges

Accurate and reliable detection of fill levels is a key requirement in many industrial flow and level sensing applications. Non-contact capacitive sensors offer a good solution, being capable of detecting fill levels, without direct media contact.
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The role of sensors in ensuring safe pharmaceutical processes

Claudia Homburg explains the role that level and pressure sensors can play in achieving the many stringent requirements that are placed on pharmaceutical processes.
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Smart sensors keep tabs on sandwich production line

An automated sandwich line relies on a 2D smart sensor to provide all the necessary position information about products on the line.


  1. 13/03/2023 Contactless temperature measurement

    Contact-free measuring of temperature with pinpoint accuracy, with thousands of measurements per second is helping improve quality control of a crown cork production line.

  2. 04/07/2022 The driving force behind Industry 4.0 success

    Suzanne Gill finds out what makes a sensor ‘smart’ and what role these smart devices have to play in helping achieve Industry 4.0 goals.

  3. 07/09/2021 Selecting the right wireless sensor network

    Jonas Berge outlines the importance of selecting a wireless sensor network that can meet the demands of your process application.

  4. 26/04/2021 Smart level sensing solution for remote stock monitoring

    Doug Anderson discusses a new breed of battery powered, IIoT sensors that are helping streamline the task of remote monitoring of stock.

  5. 24/04/2019 Adding motion to the IO-Link mix

    Darren Pratt explains why adding IO-Link compatibility to an encoder is a vital breakthrough on the road to Industry 4.0.

  6. 07/01/2019 Sensors: your optimisation friend

    Getting the balance right between an optimised process and product safety is a fine line that engineers have to walk every day. We spoke to Thomas Hedemark, industry sector manager at BAUMER A/S for advice on how sensors can help get this balancing act right.

  7. 30/10/2018 Audit-proof self-calibrating thermometer

    Control Engineering Europe reports on the 2018 HERMES Award winning thermometer which is able to continuously calibrate itself in the ongoing process using IIoT technology. 

  8. 17/07/2018 Rethinking the optical sensor

    In response to feedback from industry customers SICK has recently upgraded its optical sensor technology to meet industry needs today and in the future.

  9. 07/01/2018 Challenge Gems with your most demanding applications

    Gems understand that standard products are not always the best solution. The company provides outsourced design and development services including custom components and feasibility studies. A Gems program manager structures each project to meet individual needs, timing and budget, making the company the ideal partner for your next development cycle.

  10. 12/12/2017 Measuring torque with angle sensors

    Dr Darran Kreit discusses a technique for measuring torque with angle sensors which was first used in the 1950s. Although it offers many advantages, the technique had fallen out of fashion but is now making a comeback due to new developments in inductive angle sensors.

  11. 15/05/2017 Self diagnostics: an enabler for predictive maintenance

    Control Engineering Europe reports on the use of level measurement devices which are able to monitor build up and automatically alert maintenance personnel when cleaning is required.

  12. 18/04/2017 Non-contact colour sensor considerations

    There are several things that need to be considered before purchasing or specifying a non-contact colour sensor, including accuracy, the type of surface or object being measured, environmental conditions and mechanical set up, says Stephen Smith.

  13. 03/04/2017 A sensor solution with Industry 4.0 capabilities

    The result of collaboration between Microsoft and Leuze electronic has been the creation of a sensor whose process data and metadata can be transferred directly to the Azure Cloud via OPC-UA without the need for an intermediate gateway.

  14. 19/12/2016 Industrial considerations for Pt 100 sensors

    To achieve the best accuracy and reliability, care is needed with installation of the probe, connections, and choice of the host instrumentation when using Pt100 sensors in industrial applications, says Labfacility.

  15. 19/12/2016 laser triangulation sensors - red or blue?

    Red laser triangulation displacement sensors have been around for some time, while blue laser versions are a newer addition. Before selecting which to use, it is important to understand which type performs best on which target materials, says Chris Jones.

  16. 27/06/2016 Solutions for intelligent motion systems

    Industry 4.0 will soon start to place greater demands on sensors, which have a increasingly important role to play. This is already starting to be seen in intralogistics applications.

  17. 31/05/2016 Taking the weight out of pressure regulation

    Suzanne Gill reports on the development of an innovative design for pressure regulation devices which results in a longer life, lightweight solution with a small footprint.

  18. 13/08/2015 Optical sensing improves dissolved oxygen control

    Developments in dissolved oxygen sensing technology are opening up new possibilities for accurate measurement and energy and maintenance costs savings in aeration processes. Jonathan Penn explains how. 

  19. 03/08/2015 Ceramic measurement benefits

    Pressure sensor manufacturers are now widely employing ceramic materials because it can offer some real advantages for a range of measurements.

  20. 17/03/2015 Pressure sensors, transducers and transmitters – what’s the difference

    American Sensor Technologies discusses the difference between pressure sensors, pressure transducer and transmitters.