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Deep learning solves a difficult inspection task

A health science production facility has employed a cloud-based Deep Learning system to solve a difficult application to inspect containers for the presence of transparent measuring spoons.
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Fast scanning finds new inspection applications

Technology advances including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and faster microprocessors are conspiring to make line-scan camera technology a compelling option in a host of new application areas.
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Moving machine vision into the third-dimension

Find out how true 3D data, with algorithms specifically designed for three-dimensional measurements can result in fewer false positives/negatives.


  1. 11/04/2022 Out of the box vision solutions

    Neil Sandhu explains how integration of machine vision solutions into a wide range of applications is now a much easier task than it has traditionally been.

  2. 31/08/2021 Vision inspection solution doesn’t miss a thing

    To make sure that no out-of-specification packaged products leave the factory, one manufacturer relies on customised inspection systems with inspection cameras.

  3. 21/06/2021 Inspection insights

    With 2D, 3D, and even deep learning inspections all being realistic product inspection options today, are operators spoilt for choice? Neil Sandhu offers some insight into available solutions.

  4. 04/05/2021 Deep learning opens up new possibilities

    Control Engineering Europe looks at some of the latest machine vision technology advances.

  5. 20/04/2021 One voice, one vision

    While UK manufacturers seek to recalibrate from one of the most challenging financial years in a generation, the emergence of new machine vision technology is driving the greater adoption of automated inspection technology and vision-guided robot systems, says Neil Sandhu.

  6. 08/02/2021 Surface quality check for bearing balls

    The Center of Device Development at the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research has developed a fully automated checking system for bearing balls.

  7. 24/08/2020 How scalable are your vision systems?

    Stephen Hayes explains how engineers can simplify vision processing to improve efficiency and scalability. 

  8. 14/04/2020 Having the vision for AI and deep learning

    Advances in deep learning/AI is resulting in these technologies being increasingly utilised within machine vision solutions. Control Engineering Europe sought advice about how end users can ensure that they are able to implement successful AI-based machine vision applications.

  9. 23/03/2020 RFID tags help boost production

    Syngenta – a producer of agricultural chemicals – has ordered a new consignment of RFID tags which are used to track ingredients at its Grangemouth plant and which have helped it to boost production.

  10. 27/01/2020 Making deep learning easy for quality assurance applications

    Yonatan Hyatt explains how manufacturers can benefit from deep learning in their machine vision applications.

  11. 17/08/2019 Machine vision starts to think for itself

    Yonatan Hyatt discusses one of the latest developments in machine vision which sees the technology starting to think for itself.

  12. 22/03/2019 GigE Vision and beyond

    Control Engineering Europe finds out how the GigE Vision standard has evolved to ensure it continues to meet rapidly changing image data transfer requirements.

  13. 11/02/2019 Laser eyes for robots

    Laser profile sensors act as the ‘eyes’ of a robot and are now being used in a variety of applications, says Chris Jones.

  14. 23/10/2018 Liberating robots with vision

    Neil Sandhu explains the important role played by vision, to enable robotics to offer solutions in many more application areas.

  15. 10/05/2018 Controlling machine vision light output intensity

    Jools Hudson explains the importance of lighting control in machine vision applications.

  16. 02/04/2018 Machine vision programming: There’s an App for that!

    Neil Sandhu takes a look into the future of machine vision programming; and sees a more flexible, cost-effective solution appearing over the horizon.

  17. 19/03/2018 Zero-defect production: pipedream or possibility?

    Zero-defect production must surely be the ultimate goal of every manufacturer. Control Engineering Europe finds out what role RFID technology has in bringing this closer reality. 

  18. 09/02/2018 RFID boosts PCB production

    The PCB industry is faced with multi-layered challenges in the areas of continuous improvement of production processes and the optimisation of quality. Gavin Stoppel, product manager at HARTING, believes that UHF RFID can provide the solution.

  19. 04/12/2017 Reducing waste and improving productivity

    Daniela Verhaeg explains how developments in product inspection systems can contribute to waste reduction and help to improve productivity in bulk food applications.

  20. 15/10/2017 The journey to becoming an enabling technology

    As the UKIVA celebrates its 25th anniversary Paul Wilson takes us through the machine vision journey the association has presided over and takes a look into the next 25 years of machine vision too.