Analytical instruments

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Predictive analytics for efficient production

Lee Sullivan explains how food and beverage manufacturers can use predictive analytics to reduce product waste and downtime.
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Driving machine performance and reliability

With more advanced predictive maintenance tools at their disposal, today’s maintenance and operations teams can improve efficiencies and minimise unplanned downtime, says Phil Burge.
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Predicting the end of unplanned downtimes

Any unscheduled downtime will cause a major headache for engineers in the food and beverage manufacturing sector. John Rowley believes that predictive maintenance can offer a solution.


  1. 21/09/2019 Optimising product quality

    Find out how Hydro Extrusions Hungary has been able to reduce quality problems in the finished profile of its extruded aluminium products.

  2. 15/04/2019 Overcoming the obstacles to predictive maintenance

    Jos Martin examines the key barriers to the implementation of predictive maintenance technologies, and how these can be alleviated.

  3. 15/04/2019 Seismic monitoring and protection

    Following the Fukushima incident the nuclear industry has a renewed focus on risk mitigation from extraordinary events caused by nature. Control Engineering Europe looks at the trends in seismic monitoring and protection systems, technologies adopted and current best practice driven by these enhanced risk management demands.

  4. 11/02/2019 Test and the IoT

    While the IoT is increasing device complexity and, in turn, increasing test complexity, it can also greatly enhance automated test workflows says Mike Santori.

  5. 17/12/2018 How far can I measure with a thermal imaging camera?

    To make an assessment about the best thermal imaging camera for an application several factors need to be considered, including resolution, instantaneous field of view (IFOV), lenses, the size of the object and more, says Andrew Baker.

  6. 05/11/2018 Rapid corrosion test for stainless steels

    Stainless-steel piping and tanks have a passive layer that protects them from corrosion. If this layer is incompletely formed or damaged, it can pose problems. Dr Helga Leonhard and Jens Lehmann discuss a rapid test that can be used to check the condition of the passive layer.

  7. 20/05/2018 Adding modularity and versatility to field testing

    Clive Davis talks about a new portable test instrument which combines features of a general-purpose oscilloscope and those of a data acquisition recorder.

  8. 20/05/2018 Getting the right tool for the job

    Michael Risse gives advice on evaluating advanced analytical solutions to help ensure you have a tool that meets the very particular requirements of the process industry.

  9. 29/04/2018 Which encoder?

    Mark Howard looks at the merits of shaft encoders and bearingless encoders and where design engineers might deploy each type.

  10. 02/02/2018 Ensuring concentricity of precision gears

    In order to meet the exceptionally tight tolerances required of spindles and shafts inside its miniature power transmission systems and motor gearboxes, Rotalink needed to find an accurate and repeatable measurement solution.

  11. 21/01/2018 Selecting an inline thickness measurement system

    A number of important factors need to be considered when selecting an in-process system for measuring the thickness of film, plate or sheet materials, says Chris Jones.

  12. 15/01/2018 Gold processing plant chooses non-nuclear density measurement solution

    To improve the filtering stage of a mineral processing plant in Peru Compañía Minera Poderosa S.A. needed to find a solution to measure and control the slurry density in the discharge pipe line of a tailings thickener.

  13. 14/01/2018 Radar level sensor keeps chemicals safe

    Control Engineering Europe finds out how radar level sensor is offering a safe solution for chemical storage for a UK-based waste-to-energy plant.

  14. 07/01/2018 Level measurement for overfill prevention applications

    There is no ‘one size fits all’ level measurement technology for overfill prevention systems, says Christoffer Widahl.

  15. 04/12/2017 Testing: collaborate for better design outcomes

    Andrew Newton, MD of electromechanical design company, Magnet Schultz, shares his advice on testing within collaborative development projects.

  16. 16/08/2017 Cloud-based continuous monitoring solution

    Yokogawa Electric Corporation has developed a hot spring monitoring system solution based on its Industrial IoT (IIoT) architecture and which works on Microsoft's Azure IoT Suite.

  17. 15/05/2017 Controlling water supply measurement

    Effective management of water metering networks is crucial to ensure that the required accuracy is attained, says Alick MacGillivray.

  18. 09/05/2017 Considering feedback sensing for position and speed

    Urs Kafadar discusses encoder properties and their selection for position and speed control applications.

  19. 26/04/2017 Never ignore your instruments

    Alan Hunt warns of the danger of ignoring what your instruments are telling you.