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Overcoming a palletising bottleneck

By automating the palletising of its bottled salad dressing line, Swiss condiment producer, Brunos has alleviated production inefficiencies.
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Overcoming the challenges of MDI production

Find out how Lenzing Filtration overcame a challenging application in MDI production using ATEX-certified motors and drives.
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How OEE monitoring enables real-time analysis of production processes

Thomas Feßl explains how it is possible to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) using real-time and historical data.


  1. 05/06/2024 What makes a device smart?

    Control Engineering Europe spoke to Jenny Schaack, Vice President Sensing Technologies Process Industries at Siemens about the smart ‘things’ that form a key part of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

  2. 05/06/2024 Ensuring AGV safety

    Stewart Robinson explains the standards that need to applied in a variety of AGV application scenarios.

  3. 05/06/2024 Machine connectivity and edge computing

    Dr. Christopher Anhalt discusses technological advances and market developments for industrial edge computing, focussing on the interplay of machine connectivity and edge, operating models and the scalability of industrial IoT solutions.

  4. 02/06/2024 Robotics, productivity and people

    As organisations turn to robotics to overcome skills shortages, they are discovering that the technology’s true value lies in its power to augment, rather than replace, human expertise, says Sam Tilley.

  5. 24/05/2024 Moving Ethernet right down to the field

    Peter Lutz provides an update on work being undertaken by the OPC Foundation’s Field Level Communications (FLC) initiative.

  6. 23/05/2024 The thermal loop explained

    Thermal loop solutions have become increasingly popular for achieving improved temperature control and consistent outcomes, but what exactly does the thermal loop mean? Andy Selvy explains.

  7. 23/05/2024 How low can you go?

    Neil Hannay looks at a variety of flowmeter technologies and offers some thoughts on their suitability for low-flow measurement applications.

  8. 16/05/2024 Unlocking digital competitiveness in the OT domain

    Marcel Kelder looks at the barriers and benefits of taking a new technology approach to ensure successful and secure OT/IT convergence.

  9. 16/05/2024 Listening to production noise to reduce costs

    Every factory or production plant is noisy, to various levels. It’s a consequence of machinery, pneumatics, hydraulics, motors, pumps, compressors, bearings, chains and other equipment used to manufacture and assemble products. Each sound tells a story.

  10. 13/05/2024 Strategies for implementing plant automation

    Joe Wagner, Field Application Engineer at Red Lion answered some questions about the benefits of plant automation and strategies for implementation.

  11. 13/05/2024 Considerations for DCS modernisation

    Attila Bondor offers some food for thought for engineers tasked with modernising their process control systems.

  12. 10/05/2024 Overcoming the challenges of harsh environments

    Suzanne Gill reports on the challenges facing engineers, when it comes to ensuring consistent performance and reliability of Industrial Ethernet connectivity in harsh industrial environments, and gathers advice on how these challenges might be overcome.

  13. 07/05/2024 Non-contact level sensor overcomes media challenges

    Accurate and reliable detection of fill levels is a key requirement in many industrial flow and level sensing applications. Non-contact capacitive sensors offer a good solution, being capable of detecting fill levels, without direct media contact.

  14. 07/05/2024 Flipping the switch on energy costs

    Steve Adams highlights the important link between improving overall equipment effectiveness and mitigating the impact of rising energy costs.

  15. 07/05/2024 What makes Ethernet ‘industrial’?

    Nexperia reviews evolution of the Ethernet networking technology and explains the differences between consumer and industrial Ethernet.

  16. 25/04/2024 Transforming a maintenance strategy with SaaS

    Fernando Velloso explains how a Software as a Service (SaaS) model can help manufacturers overcome any digital scepticism, and can also offer opportunities to improve total cost of ownership (TCO).

  17. 19/04/2024 Level sensing security considerations

    Philipp Ketterer discusses the importance of specifying level sensing solutions which can offer security against cyber attacks.

  18. 19/04/2024 Keeping combustible dust explosions at bay

    Melina Diaz outlines the steps required to comply with legislation designed to ensure workplaces are optimally placed to minimise the possibility of combustible dust creating an explosion risk.

  19. 16/04/2024 Speeding up your reactions

    Suzanne Gill finds out more about the benefits that edge computing is bringing to the operational technology environment.

  20. 16/04/2024 Zero Trust is the way forward for network security

    The Siemens Manufacturing Karlsruhe (MF-K) plant produces key components for automated and digitalized manufacturing processes. For quality assurance and in-house 3D printing, the plant is optimising its processes by giving experts remote access to its operational technology systems, enabled by a Zero Trust approach.