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Is digital transformation the key to evolving the manufacturing workforce?

For manufacturers to attract the best talent, they need to adapt to their environment by making tactical investments in digital solutions, argues Jason Chester.
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OPC UA heralds a new era for networked weighing technology

The main aims of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) are cost-efficient and flexible processes. OPC UA creates the necessary conditions for this and provides a common language base for all equipment and systems.
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Keeping lifter lifting

The installation of condition monitoring devices on gearboxes and cable reels allows fruit processing company, Zentis, to monitor the health of a critical pallet lifter to help prevent unplanned downtime and optimise production.


  1. 16/07/2021 Robots speed up chocolate packaging

    Automation of a packaging operation with robotics has increased productivity by 40% at BOLÇI.

  2. 13/07/2021 Structuring with IEC 61131-3: Seven steps to success

    The IEC 61131-3 standard includes powerful structuring tools and can help provide users an excellent way to break a control system down into manageable units for greater overall effectiveness.

  3. 12/07/2021 Adapting to a changing risk landscape

    Paul Taylor explains how IEC-62443 can hold the answer to enhancing cyber resilience in smart factories. 

  4. 05/07/2021 Streaming precise positioning data from valve positioners

    The ability to use existing industrial Ethernet and wireless networks in process manufacturing plants and automation facilities has made data exchange within a facility and even throughout global corporate networks easier than ever.

  5. 04/07/2021 PLC upgrade increases uptime, speed and line responsiveness

    An automation solutions provider, Control Freaks, applied innovative PLC technology to solve production challenges and increase competitiveness at a pizza production facility. 

  6. 28/06/2021 Investing in smart factories

    Neli Ivanova, sales manager, Industrial Equipment at Siemens Financial Services in the UK discusses 5G and the future of smart factory investment.

  7. 28/06/2021 Customisation to standard motors fulfills multiple space application requirements

    Through a combination of standard industrial motors and creative collaboration, advanced technology customisations are made to allow high-precision, long-life motors to make it to Mars and beyond.

  8. 27/06/2021 Enabling effective high-mix, low-volume production with cobots

    To allow products to be tailored more closely to customer demand requires a reduction in batch sizes which has led to the rise of 'high-mix, low-volume' (HMLV) production. Find out how cobots can be a key enabler for high-mix automation needs.

  9. 21/06/2021 Inspection insights

    With 2D, 3D, and even deep learning inspections all being realistic product inspection options today, are operators spoilt for choice? Neil Sandhu offers some insight into available solutions.

  10. 21/06/2021 HART technology evolves with HART-IP

    Paul Sereiko highlights how the HART technology has been developed, alongside other technologies, to allow it to continue to meet the needs of the industry marketplace.

  11. 21/06/2021 Addressing the need for more flexible HMLV production lines

    Historically HMLV production lines have relied heavily on manual labour, with automation representing something of a programming challenge. However, Oliver Giertz believes that the latest developments in programming are set to change this.

  12. 15/06/2021 Future-proofing control at Drax Power Station

    Suzanne Gill reports on the Drax Power Station decarbonisation journey, focussing in particular on the need for a new supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) solution that would help ensure a more integrated control solution and ensure the operation is future-proofed.

  13. 15/06/2021 Calibration evolves with digitalisation

    Eric van Riet explains how calibration has needed to evolve in line with the digital migration of HART devices.

  14. 15/06/2021 Keeping an eye on the things that drive the IIoT

    Much of the excitement about the Industrial Internet of Things revolves around the data that can be generated. The ‘things’ that gather this data are often overshadowed. Suzanne Gill spoke to device vendors to get their thoughts on the value of ‘things.

  15. 07/06/2021 Calibrating a HART pressure transmitter: top tips

    Heikki Laurila offers advice on calibrating HART pressure transmitters.

  16. 07/06/2021 Robot programming: Keeping it simple!

    As companies look to diversify to help improve sustainability, Nigel Smith explains the importance of robot programming that is simple enough to be refigured to any kind of manufacturing environment.

  17. 07/06/2021 Long live the PLC!

    David Humphrey offers some thoughts on the changing role for a machine control stalwart – the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) – as the industrial technology space continues to evolve at a rapid pace.

  18. 01/06/2021 Why choose radar technology for water monitoring?

    Control engineering Europe finds out more about the benefits of radar technology for level sensing applications in the water sector.

  19. 01/06/2021 The time is right to embrace SPE

    Ruud van den Brink argues that Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) is essential to helping the IIoT drive industrial automation forward and that now is the time to embrace this technology.

  20. 20/05/2021 The time is right to move on from 4-20mA

    In the process industry 4-20 mA technology is still the standard. New technologies will need to measure up, above all to its simplicity and reliability. Ethernet-APL, an enhanced physical layer for single-pair Ethernet (SPE) based on 10BASET1L, looks set to achieve this. Ronny Becker and Andreas Hennecke report.