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AI: helping businesses act with intelligence

Adi Pendyala comments on the importance of AI adoption, right across the enterprise.
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Drying application benefits from the addition of VFDs

Tea manufacturers in Sri Lanka have benefitted from both energy reductions and increased product quality since the adoption of variable frequency drives into the leaf drying process.
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Driving machine performance and reliability

With more advanced predictive maintenance tools at their disposal, today’s maintenance and operations teams can improve efficiencies and minimise unplanned downtime, says Phil Burge.


  1. 26/06/2020 Temperature monitoring for Covid-19 samples

    Omniflex has supplied an SMS alert system to the University of Oxford’s Peter Medawar Building for Pathogen Research.

  2. 22/06/2020 Coca-Cola boosts its energy efficiency

    The use of an energy management system has allowed a Coca-Cola plant in Edelstal, Austria, to conduct detailed analyses of its resource and energy consumption with the goal of continuing to reduce its carbon footprint by reducing waste and water consumption and lowering emissions.

  3. 22/06/2020 Edge automation solutions

    Red Lion’s FlexEdge Intelligent Edge Automation Platform is said to bring industrial data together as never before to transform edge computing.

  4. 15/06/2020 Don’t neglect ESPE inspections

    Lee Ray highlights the importance of regular inspection and testing of electro-sensitive protective equipment.

  5. 15/06/2020 AI and robotics: the challenges and the opportunities

    Artificial intelligence (AI) has been the subject of considerable hype for several years, but is industry now ready to move to the next stage and focus on how it can be sustainably implemented on the factory floor in robotics and industrial automation applications?

  6. 08/06/2020 Maximising operational efficiency and productivity

    Tim Bednall explains why running discrete event simulation (DES) on existing processes can help identify and unlock additional production capacity.

  7. 08/06/2020 Building resilience with robotics

    Will the Covid-19 pandemic accelerate the speed adoption of robotic and automation across the industrial sector? Suzanne Gill reports.

  8. 01/06/2020 Staying in the loop!

    You just received one of the new technology HART communicators that use your smart phone. You connect the modem to your HART instrument, launch the App and… nothing happens… ‘error connecting to device’. What’s going on? ProComSol offers some advice.

  9. 01/06/2020 Where technology convergence leads organisations must follow

    There appears to be agreement among automation vendors that Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) convergence is now becoming a reality across all industrial sectors. Suzanne Gill finds out more about the impact that this will have on the role of the control engineer.

  10. 01/06/2020 Gaining insight about making digital transformation a reality

    Richard Kenedi, senior vice president of manufacturing at industrial software provider GE Digital, and George Walker, managing director of industrial automation expert Novotek UK, discuss the ideal path to industrial digital transformation.

  11. 27/05/2020 HART: Evolution in action

    Wally Pratt, director of HART technology at FieldComm Group, brings us up to date with developments of the HART Communication Protocol.

  12. 19/05/2020 Making the IIoT real

    With SPE technology advancing rapidly Control Engineering Europe finds out what this could mean for the adoption of Ethernet technology at field level.

  13. 19/05/2020 Closing the skills gap through investment in people and technology

    To tackle the skills gap and keep the UK engineering sector needs to invest in both people and technology says Graeme Wright, chief digital officer, Manufacturing, Utilities and Services at Fujitsu UK.

  14. 19/05/2020 Bridging the gap with HART

    Taking critical plant floor data from smart HART field devices and sharing it with higher level control and information systems no longer has to be difficult or expensive according to Tina Todd.

  15. 12/05/2020 Protecting your PLC systems from security threats

    While increasing connectivity can offer significant benefits it can also increase the cybersecurity risk to control. Steve Ward explains further.

  16. 11/05/2020 Expand your already reliable networks with ease

    Using four applications, Moxa takes a closer look at the challenges faced when expanding edge networks and recommends strategies that may help reduce the hassles of configuration and maintenance.

  17. 05/05/2020 Cybersecurity: An indispensable digital transformation co-pilot

    To drive operational efficiencies, improve performance or to gain a competitive edge, digital transformation is being adopted in almost in every operational technology (OT) environment. This means that, to safely connect plants and sites –irrespective of whether it an on-premise or off-premise solution – cybersecurity is not optional, says Arun Veeramani.

  18. 27/04/2020 Two disciplines – one device

    The integration of a fail-safe motion control system, multi-axis drive control and powerful communication interfaces and technology I/Os in one device saves valuable control cabinet space and facilitates the implementation of particularly challenging machine concepts extremely efficiently – including modularisation and optimum scalability.

  19. 27/04/2020 Stay alert to your vulnerabilities

    David Emm, principal security researcher at Kaspersky answers questions about industrial cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

  20. 21/04/2020 Turning the dream into reality

    Philipp H. F. Wallner offers advice on how to realise the dream of implementing successful predictive maintenance applications.