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Staying in the loop!

You just received one of the new technology HART communicators that use your smart phone. You connect the modem to your HART instrument, launch the App and… nothing happens… ‘error connecting to device’. What’s going on? ProComSol offers some advice.
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Where technology convergence leads organisations must follow

There appears to be agreement among automation vendors that Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) convergence is now becoming a reality across all industrial sectors. Suzanne Gill finds out more about the impact that this will have on the role of the control engineer.
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Gaining insight about making digital transformation a reality

Richard Kenedi, senior vice president of manufacturing at industrial software provider GE Digital, and George Walker, managing director of industrial automation expert Novotek UK, discuss the ideal path to industrial digital transformation.


  1. 27/05/2020 HART: Evolution in action

    Wally Pratt, director of HART technology at FieldComm Group, brings us up to date with developments of the HART Communication Protocol.

  2. 19/05/2020 Making the IIoT real

    With SPE technology advancing rapidly Control Engineering Europe finds out what this could mean for the adoption of Ethernet technology at field level.

  3. 19/05/2020 Closing the skills gap through investment in people and technology

    To tackle the skills gap and keep the UK engineering sector needs to invest in both people and technology says Graeme Wright, chief digital officer, Manufacturing, Utilities and Services at Fujitsu UK.

  4. 19/05/2020 Bridging the gap with HART

    Taking critical plant floor data from smart HART field devices and sharing it with higher level control and information systems no longer has to be difficult or expensive according to Tina Todd.

  5. 12/05/2020 Protecting your PLC systems from security threats

    While increasing connectivity can offer significant benefits it can also increase the cybersecurity risk to control. Steve Ward explains further.

  6. 11/05/2020 Expand your already reliable networks with ease

    Using four applications, Moxa takes a closer look at the challenges faced when expanding edge networks and recommends strategies that may help reduce the hassles of configuration and maintenance.

  7. 05/05/2020 Cybersecurity: An indispensable digital transformation co-pilot

    To drive operational efficiencies, improve performance or to gain a competitive edge, digital transformation is being adopted in almost in every operational technology (OT) environment. This means that, to safely connect plants and sites –irrespective of whether it an on-premise or off-premise solution – cybersecurity is not optional, says Arun Veeramani.

  8. 27/04/2020 Two disciplines – one device

    The integration of a fail-safe motion control system, multi-axis drive control and powerful communication interfaces and technology I/Os in one device saves valuable control cabinet space and facilitates the implementation of particularly challenging machine concepts extremely efficiently – including modularisation and optimum scalability.

  9. 27/04/2020 Stay alert to your vulnerabilities

    David Emm, principal security researcher at Kaspersky answers questions about industrial cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

  10. 21/04/2020 Turning the dream into reality

    Philipp H. F. Wallner offers advice on how to realise the dream of implementing successful predictive maintenance applications.

  11. 16/04/2020 An answer to pharmaceutical production and development challenges?

    Today’s global public health situation is putting pharmaceutical businesses under pressure to deliver innovative and existing tests and treatments as quickly as possible. Optimal believes that its Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and factory automation capabilities can help shorten scale-up times and increase productivity without expanding facilities.

  12. 14/04/2020 Big data analytics moves right to the edge

    Brendan O’Dowd looks at the implications of the introduction of the IEEE 802.3cg standard for industrial automation and what it might mean for 4-20mA or HART systems.

  13. 14/04/2020 Having the vision for AI and deep learning

    Advances in deep learning/AI is resulting in these technologies being increasingly utilised within machine vision solutions. Control Engineering Europe sought advice about how end users can ensure that they are able to implement successful AI-based machine vision applications.

  14. 07/04/2020 Myth busting

    Alvis Chen shares some best practice advice to help enhance industrial network security.

  15. 06/04/2020 From the cloud to the edge

    Dr. Christopher Anhalt explains the difference between cloud and edge computing and how they can work together for the successful implementation of IIoT solutions.

  16. 06/04/2020 Solving the UK’s productivity problems with robotics

    Mike Wilson argues that it is time for the UK manufacturing sector to look seriously at the adoption of automation, and robotics in particular, to help improve productivity figures.

  17. 30/03/2020 IoT and Industry 4.0 in physical form

    Nigel Dawson, Global Head of Electric Automation Business Development at Festo explains how a single machine can demonstrate the possible opportunities of IoT in manufacturing.

  18. 30/03/2020 Is 5G going to be better than previous generations?

    Eckard Eberle gives his thoughts on how future industrial wireless networks might look.

  19. 23/03/2020 Is your legacy PLC failing you on food hygiene?

    Edward Ralph looks at how PLCs can help address hygiene and food safety issues.

  20. 23/03/2020 Simulation needs to overcome perceived complexity and trust issues

    Control Engineering Europe asked some industry spokespeople for their views about the benefits that simulation technologies might offer in the process and manufacturing sectors, and about progress on adoption of the technology.