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Safety over networks: Where connectivity meets productivity

Dr Martin Kidman discusses the issues relating to machine safety in an era of greater machine connectivity.
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More control for OT and IT

Where is the border between automation and IT? The progress of artificial intelligence (AI), cloud technologies and simulation means that it is no longer so easy to draw a sharp line between operational technology (OT) and IT, says Andrea Rauscher, Product manager SIMATIC Siemens AG and Andreas Czech, marketing manager SIMATIC Siemens AG.
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Cobots: finding their place

Suzanne Gill asks where cobots might offer the most value in today’s manufacturing processes and finds out what work is being undertaken to ensure their trustworthiness.


  1. 16/11/2020 Getting the best out of your data

    Turning data into actionable information is vital to the success of any Industry 4.0 project. Suzanne Gill finds out what data analytic solutions are available today for both process and factory applications and gathers advice about successful integration of these solutions.

  2. 16/11/2020 Reducing cabinet clutter

    Stephen Hayes explains how food processing operations can be more easily reconfigured by adopting automation without cabinets, resulting in machines that can be transported and moved around quickly and easily.

  3. 10/11/2020 Making process control more flexible

    For decades large-scale automation systems have been at the heart of production line control. Today, driven by changes in consumer demands, an alternative plug and produce modular automation approach is emerging, says Ralf Jeske.

  4. 10/11/2020 Safety services on a standard network

    Communication networks have changed the look of today’s automation systems by distributing processing, sensors and actuators to where they are required. The ODVA says that CIP Safety provides the same benefits to safety systems. 

  5. 02/11/2020 Rise of the digital twin!

    Steve Sands explains how and why the digital twin is set to be a key technology for the success of Industry 4.0.

  6. 02/11/2020 Feeling the pressure

    Dr Chris Mills looks at the challenges of testing and calibrating flowmeters used in high pressure and high temperature applications.

  7. 02/11/2020 Communication technologies: supporting digitalisation

    Dr Peter Wenzel comments on industrial technology trends and the impact they are having on industrial communication solutions.

  8. 26/10/2020 Following the data science for greater production efficiency

    To get the most out of data that already exists in the production environment requires cooperation between data scientists and production experts.

  9. 26/10/2020 Benefits of an open source language for robots

    Neil Ballinger explores the open source Robot Operating System (ROS), which he believes will become a common language for industrial automation. 

  10. 20/10/2020 Ensuring business continuity remotely

    Following the issues posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Jörg Freitag explains how digital remote applications can offer a cost-effective alternative to enable efficient co-operation from a safe distance.

  11. 20/10/2020 Automated sandwich stacking solution

    Find out how and why a sandwich producer has successfully integrated robots into its sandwich production line.

  12. 20/10/2020 Digitalisation: Where are we now?

    Suzanne Gill looks at the effect of the current global pandemic on the manufacturing digitalisation journey.

  13. 20/10/2020 Cell voltage monitoring solution for electrolytic copper refinery

    An electrolytic copper refinery needed to find an efficient way to monitor voltage on more than 700 electrolytic cells used to produce A-grade copper.

  14. 13/10/2020 The optimal route to smart manufacturing?

    Emilie Lerche Fenger and Marco Zampolli explain the importance of a cybersecurity strategy in digital plants.

  15. 13/10/2020 Addressing global megatrends with seamless connectivity

    Notwithstanding the current COVID crisis, other megatrends are having, and will have, an even greater effect on the manufacturers of the future. Nigel Dawson from Festo SE & Co KG discusses how these opportunities can be exploited.

  16. 05/10/2020 Independent SCADA as a tool for integration

    Martyn Williams explains the role of SCADA software in smart factories and argues that hardware-independent software is essential for making the transition to Industry 4.0.

  17. 05/10/2020 Industrial cybersecurity is a game without end!

    The constant cyber threat is now a fact of life and everyone needs to have an understanding of data protection, argues Rainer Brehm, CEO of Factory Automation at Siemens Digital Industries.

  18. 28/09/2020 Slotless versus slotted brushless DC motors

    Brushless DC motors are the technology of choice for applications operating at higher speeds. However two different motor architectures can present a selection conundrum, says Madhavan Ramanujam and Cyril Baud.

  19. 28/09/2020 Connecting industrial applications to a private 5G network

    Control Engineering Europe finds out more about an industrial 5G router for private networks, by speaking to Frank Hakemeyer, director of communication interfaces at Phoenix Contact Electronics.

  20. 22/09/2020 Challenging times spark digitalisation push

    Tim Faulkner believes that the challenges posed by 2020 have resulted in greater determination from many manufacturers to start their digital journey to ensure they remain competitive.