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Devices are joining the revolution

In the not-so-distant past, instrumentation devices required regular inspection to identify faults and prevent downtime, requiring large maintenance teams and high costs. David Bowers explains, a how digitalisation is ushering in a new era for industrial maintenance.
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A seven step journey to prescriptive maintenance

Marcel Koks highlights some important steps that help engineers move from reactive to prescriptive plant maintenance.
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Getting started with energy reduction strategies

Eryn Devola offers advice on where energy reductions can be found in typical manufacturing processes.


  1. 20/09/2022 Is it time to go wireless?

    Wireless technology has always offered many benefits over traditional cabling. Today, the technical improvements in both 5G and Wi-Fi 6 make wireless technology an even more appealing choice for industrial applications, says Oliver Hammarstig.

  2. 12/09/2022 Controllers in an era of high availability

    The emergence of new high availability technologies is making it more economical to implement a redundancy strategy for PLC, PAC and edge controllers. Darrell Halterman explains.

  3. 12/09/2022 Employing effective condition monitoring for more efficient production

    Darrell Taylor explains how Teledyne FLIR can help manufacturers put into place effective condition monitoring strategies to help ensure efficient operation and overcome manufacturing challenges.

  4. 06/09/2022 Gaining energy intelligence

    Gaining vision of site-wide energy consumption – especially at an equipment and process level – can transform both energy and operational efficiency, says Jakob Gossmann.

  5. 06/09/2022 Identifying threats and finding solutions

    Suzanne Gill investigates the network security threats currently facing the operational technology (OT) environment today.

  6. 30/08/2022 Managing information security

    David Goodfellow offers advice on implementing, and obtaining certification for, an information security management system according to the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001.

  7. 30/08/2022 Kick-starting a hyperautomation journey

    Giap Bui Dinh offers advice for those seeking to start a hyperautomaiton journey to help increase efficiencies.

  8. 22/08/2022 Automated bioreactor for large-scale photosynthesis of algae

    Festo presented the PhotoBionicCell research project at the Hannover Fair earlier this year. The innovative bioreactor was developed to enable the efficient and large-scale photosynthesis of algae.

  9. 22/08/2022 Data as the basis for digitalisation

    There can be no question that data and networking between machines will lead to new business models and services. Jan Kiehne explains how industrial owner/operators of all sizes can participate and why they can gain from digitalisation.

  10. 16/08/2022 Control through the ages

    Eamonn Garry discusses how controllers have developed, since the introduction of the first PLC, and looks into their future role in modern and future automation systems.

  11. 16/08/2022 Optimising pump systems to reduce energy consumption

    Andy O’Rourke explains the role control optimisation projects can have in helping the industry to reduce energy consumption.

  12. 16/08/2022 Thermal imaging for electrical inspections in the oil and gas sector

    When electrical connections and components break down unexpectedly, the result may be unplanned downtime, costly repairs, and production loss. There’s also an increased risk of fire due to electrical short-circuits or cable burning.

  13. 09/08/2022 The third generation of low code

    Martin Thunman explains how the next generation of low code can overcome these concerns.

  14. 09/08/2022 Manufacturing with a smaller footprint

    Steven Hayes explains why some manufacturers are using automation to operate on a smaller footprint.

  15. 01/08/2022 Building reliable wireless communications for AGVs

    Calvin Chuko highlights some of the key factors machine OEMs and system integrators should be aware of when building robust AGVs and AS/RS systems.

  16. 01/08/2022 Sliding gate valves optimise RO water purification facility

    Veolia Water Technologies has built an ultra-modern plant to produce drinking water in Ostend, Belgium. At critical points of the process sliding gate valves are responsible for regulating pressure and flow rate.

  17. 26/07/2022 Speeding up delivery times

    A Belgian pork producer has installed robots as part of a just-in-time order fulfilment system that delivers customised products to supermarkets more quickly by disconnecting production from delivery.

  18. 18/07/2022 Best practices in OT vulnerability management

    Learn how why industrial organisations need specialised guidance in setting priorities for their OT vulnerability management programs.

  19. 18/07/2022 Achieving centralised control of plastics factory

    A Polish manufacturer of plastic bags for food packaging has recently expanded its automated facility and installed additional machines. It took the opportunity to install a centralised control and management system for all of its plant floor machinery.

  20. 12/07/2022 Intelligent electric actuation adopted at a water adventure site

    Intelligent actuators have helped improve and modernise the flow control system at a white water centre in the north-east of England.