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Editorial archive;

Space-saving multi-axis servo drive for low-power applications 26/05/2022
Trio Motion Technology has launched a multi-axis servo drive to provide precision motion coordination for space critical, lower power machines up to 750W. Full Story...

New, compact multi-axis servo drive 22/05/2022
Trio Motion Technology has launched a multi-axis servo drive providing precision motion coordination up to 750W for space critical, lower power machines. The new DX5 servo drive is designed to be cost effective for machine builders who need multi-axis EtherCAT performance control, and highly compact dimensions enable a small footprint. The drive also includes a regenerative energy system. Full Story...

Four-axis stepper controller with high performance motion 07/02/2022
Trio Motion Technology has launched a controller for stepper or pulse and direction servo drives with high performance motion control across four axes. Full Story...

SCARA robot offers integrated control solution for robot, motion and machine automation 16/11/2021
Trio Motion Technology has launched a robot range that provides machine builders with a fully integrated control solution - with robot control, motion control, and machine automation from a single controller. Full Story...

Cutting back on controllers 09/11/2021
Integrating a single, motion-centric coordinator to control a machine and robots can provide advantages in development time, cost and performance compared to separating PLC and robot control functions. Dave Greensmith explains.  Full Story...

Pocket-sized motion controller for up to 64 axes 22/06/2021
Trio Motion Technology’s highly compact Flex-6 Nano EtherCAT controller coordinates the motion of up to 64 axes with EtherCAT cycle time down to 125µs. This performance increases the speed and productivity of machines in a pocket-sized format, enabling easy integration and smaller machine design. Click-in I/O modules extend control capability and the Flex-6 Nano also coordinates stepper drives and analogue devices. Full Story...

Accuracy and throughput of labelling machines increase with Trio Motion Technology 26/04/2021
A labelling machine OEM has upgraded the motion controllers on its machines to boost throughput by over 25% and increase labelling accuracy to +/- 0.5mm. Full Story...

HMI solution with time-saving single-point programming approach 25/11/2013
The new UNIPLAY HMI touch screen display, from Trio Motion Technology, allows machine builders and OEMs to develop applications faster and with increased simplicity by sharing motion control and graphical user interface programming in a single easy-to-use integrated software environment. Full Story...