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Solid Coupling Answer to Ultrasonic Flowmeter Questions 01/02/2008
When discussing the relative merits of the operation and installation of a clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter one of the most commonly raised questions relates to the physical mounting of the sensors. Full Story...

British Nuclear Group cracks measurement problem 28/08/2007
British Nuclear Group has installed clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters from Katronic Technologies, claiming they have overcome a particularly difficult flow measurement application. Full Story...

Managing the Change to OPPC 01/06/2007
When introduced in 2005 the OPPC legislation changed the responsibilities of operating companies with respect to managing produced water and other discharges. The document also laid down a number of new obligations which companies may find difficult to introduce into their working practice. Managing this change and ensuring that the new guidelines are met will be a difficult task, but Andrew Sutton of Katronic outlines technologies that could help to make the transition easier to deal with. Full Story...