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Editorial archive;

Digital miniature ultra-low pressure sensors 29/03/2011
Sensortechnics’ HCLA pressure sensors measure ultra-low gage or differential pressures from 2.5 mbar Full Scale. The sensors perform precision digital signal conditioning and achieve very high accuracies. Full Story...

Sensortechnics new Capacitive sensor 06/07/2009
Sensortechnics’ CLC series uses a new contact-free capacitive sensor technology to continuously measure the fill level of liquids as well as granular or pulverized materials. Full Story...

New Miniature HCE Pressure Sensors 10/06/2008
Sensortechnics’ new HCE series offers precision pressure measurement from 10 mbar up to 10 bar. The HCE sensors perform digital signal conditioning to provide highly accurate digital and analogue output signals. Full Story...

New HCL Miniature Low Pressure Sensors for Ultra Stable and Accurate Measurements 09/06/2008
Sensortechnics' new HCL pressure sensors measure low gauge or differential pressures from 5 to 75 mbar. Full Story...

Non-Invasive Ultrasonic Sensors 01/11/2007
Sensortechnics introduces the new CLD series of ultrasonic fluid monitoring sensors. These devices enable continuous bottom-up liquid level detection based on ultrasonic time-of-flight measurement. Full Story...