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Safety interlocks use RFID technology 08/09/2020
Safety interlocks in the new MN7XX series from ifm electronic use RFID technology in combination with unique actuator coding, which is said to render tampering and unauthorised operation virtually impossible. Full Story...

RFID antenna, evaluation electronics and fieldbus interface in a single module 11/05/2020
With a long user-adjustable operating range and a choice of fieldbus interfaces, HF RFID systems, which form part of the DTE60x range from ifm electronic, are said to be suited to use in a range of production line applications.  Full Story...

RFID antennas over IO-Link 29/01/2019
The onward march of IO-Link seems unstoppable and for good reason, with advantages such as much more data and diagnostics for minimal extra cost. Ifm electronic has one of the largest offerings of IO-Link sensors on the market and an established range of RFID systems which combine the technologies. Full Story...

RFID antennas over IO-Link 14/01/2019
The latest RFID antenna range from ifm electronic is suited to a range of applications thanks to flexible parameter settings, improved diagnostics and simple implementation. Full Story...

Vibration monitoring in hazardous areas 04/02/2014
Permanent vibration monitoring is key to ensuring that any damage or wear to plant assets are detected before serious breakdown can occur. The VSP acceleration sensor from ifm electronic is designed to detect measurement values in atmospheres with a highly explosive potential, which are typical in many chemical, pharmaceutical, food and mining applications. Full Story...

Frequency-to-current converter 08/10/2013
To provide accurate control of, for example, a conveyor motor speed, a feedback of the actual speed of the adjacent machine is usually required. If this is only available as a pulse sequence the new DW2503 from ifm electronic can offer a solution. Full Story...

Miniature sensors 09/08/2011
New varieties of miniature photoelectric sensors have been introduced by ifm electronic Full Story...

Sensor cuts out calibration 01/10/2007
A sensors, networking and control systems specialist claims to obviate the need for regular calibration with its TAD series temperature sensors. Full Story...

Redundant temperature sensing: ‘Goodbye, calibration’ 01/10/2006
Sensor drift will cause inaccurate measurements, but ifm has come up with a solution: a self-monitoring sensor that is guaranteed to go for five years without calibration. Full Story...