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Renishaw PLC
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United Kingdom

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Editorial archive;

Expanded range of encoders for Functional Safety 19/11/2019
Renishaw has added two new encoders for both linear and rotary applications to its existing functionally safe (FS) portfolio. Full Story...

New ways to keep track of shaft positions 14/11/2009
Encoders are beginning to shed some of their older mechanical parts, such as gears, and take on new technologies such as AMR (Anisotropic-Magneto-Resistive effect) which has been used in computer disc drives for some time. Applications in extremely harsh industrial and outdoor environments appear to be the current goal of these new products. Manufacturers stop short of saying they will last forever, but for sure, they are much more durable and can be used in more inhospitable conditions. Full Story...

£20m for UK manufacturing 20/08/2008
In-process sensing technology and a technology development involving ABB Robotics are just two of twenty-one UK based research and development projects, set to receive £20 million of government investment. The cash will be provided by the Technology Strategy Board and is hoped to help UK companies develop their international competitiveness. Full Story...