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Why are AMRs being adopted on factory floors? 22/11/2021
In 2022 logistics will overtake manufacturing as the largest overall user of mobile robots, but this disguises a key trend: autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are making major inroads into factories. It’s a trend that’s most advanced in China, but it is spreading globally.  Full Story...

The motor drive: A key player in predictive maintenance? 15/06/2021
Predictive maintenance is fast becoming recognised as one of the more easily exploited applications of digitalisation, says Blake Griffin, a senior analyst at Interact Analysis.  Full Story...

Amazon turns up the heat on predictive maintenance 09/03/2021
Blake Griffin discusses the recent move by Amazon into the industrial Predictive maintenance arena. Full Story...

Smart sensors are key to revolutionising predictive maintenance in motor driven systems 26/05/2020
A new predictive maintenance focussed report from Interact Analysis (IA) highlights the potential for a new relationship between component manufacturers, OEM machine builders, and end users. Full Story...

Growth predicted for cobot market 09/12/2019
A new collaborative market report from Interact Analysis has found that the growth rate of collaborative robots (cobots) is leading the robotics industry. It also says that logistics will surpass automotive to be the second largest end user of cobots by 2023, with electronics in first place. Full Story...