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Extended range of industrial RTUs 11/12/2020
Red Lion Controls has expanded its SixTRAK line of industrial RTUs with the launch of STIPm-8460, powered by the Red Lion Workbench, which uses an IEC61131-3 compliant editor and runtime engine. Full Story...

Advanced networking and automation in a single operating system 04/08/2020
Red Lion’s FlexEdge Intelligent Edge Automation Platform now combines the scalability of Linux with the power of Crimson 3.2 software in a single user-friendly operating system. Full Story...

Bringing versatility to edge computing 23/03/2020
Red Lion Controls has introduced the FlexEdge Intelligent Edge Automation Platform which is said to bring versatility to edge computing, while offering productivity and efficiency gains from digital transformation initiatives thanks to its simplicity. Full Story...

Layer 3 gigabit Ethernet switch 09/12/2019
Red Lion Controls has released a new NT328G Layer 3 Ethernet switch that offers 28 high-speed ports (24-Gigabit, 4-10 Gigabit) and wire-speed switching performance. Full Story...

Simplified shop floor to business systems communication 18/03/2019
Red Lion Controls has added new capabilities to its Crimson software, including an OPC UA Client driver with encrypted password support, OPC UA Historical Access, an MQTT connector for Google Cloud and store and forward buffering for all Crimson cloud connectors. Full Story...

Unlocking data from orphaned and legacy equipment 25/11/2018
Red Lion Controls has released the DA10D and DA30D Protocol Conversion and Data Acquisition devices. Full Story...

New Whitepaper: Five key elements for the lloT implementation assessing existing infrastructure and requirements 07/06/2016
Industrial automation exists within a broader technological framework and has benefitted from advances in industrial networking and mobile computing. The combination of these technologies is helping to make the vision of concepts like the “Connected Factory”, “Industry 4.0” and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) a reality. Often however, the proliferation of competing concepts can lead to confusion and leave some questioning how to begin practical implementation. Full Story...

Mult-zone PID controller 29/11/2008
With the latest software update, users of the Modular Controller can integrate multi-segment temperature profiling for complex processes in the autoclave, heat-treating, food and chemical industries. Full Story...