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80 GHz radar level transmitter 12/09/2022
AMETEK Magnetrol’s new Pulsar Model R80 radar level builds upon the company's existing radar technology portfolio to include a 80 GHz radar transmitter for the industrial market. Full Story...

Solution for multiphase detection, measurement and control 06/06/2022
While level instrumentation has come a long way in measuring liquids of all varieties, multiphase level measurement remains a challenge. Full Story...

Reliable liquid level monitoring solution for high temperature chemical application 11/11/2019
A producer of caprolactam – an organic chemical used as a precursor to the manufacture of synthetic fibres – required a solution to enable continuous monitoring of high-temperature liquid levels in tanks. Full Story...

Foundation fieldbus enabled thermal mass flow meter 07/04/2015
Magnetrol has introduced the Thermatel TA2 thermal mass flow meter with Foundation fieldbus digital output communications.  Full Story...

Affordable radar level measurement 14/10/2009
Magnetrol says its two-wire non contact radar transmitter is a cost-effective tool for level measurement, based on the concept of pulse burst radar. The new Model R82, 26GHz emits short bursts of 26GHz microwave energy that are reflected from the liquid level surface. Full Story...

10 Years of the Eclipse Model 705 13/01/2009
It has been 10 years since Magnetrol released the Eclipse Model 705, the first 2-Wire Guided Wave Radar (GWR) level transmitter that measured liquid level, independent of liquid characteristics. Full Story...

Jupiter magnetostrictive level transmitter: simple external mounting and ready to measure 03/07/2008
The fastest and most efficient way to upgrade a magnetic level indicator (MLI) is to clamp a Jupiter 200 magnetostrictive level transmitter onto its by-pass cage. Full Story...

Keeping air under control 11/04/2008
Tessenderlo Chemie produces dicalciumphosphate at its production facility in Ham, Belgium. Recently, a flat-operated flow meter was replaced with a thermal dispersion flow sensor, a move claimed to simplify the acquisition of preventative indications. Alfons Calders, of Industrie Technisch Management, explains how. Full Story...

Measurement method ups efficiency 01/06/2007
The Fluxys LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) Peak Shaving in the back port of Zeebrugge, Belgium dates from 1978. Here, liquid natural gas, supplied by trucks from the LNG terminal in the front port of Zeebrugge, is stored. When the gas demand is higher than the primary supply, through pipelines from Norway and Great Britain and LNG tankers, the ‘supply’ in the LNG Peak Shaving is ‘heated’ to 2°C and sent into the network. Full Story...