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Closing the metering skills gap in oil & gas 07/01/2019
Despite the vital role played by flow meters in the oil & gas industry the meter management sills gap continues to grow, argues Alick MacGillivray. Full Story...

An uncertain solution to optimise flow meter management 21/03/2017
Calibration and maintenance can offer some money-saving opportunities for the oil and gas industry by making better use of available data, says Craig Marshall. Full Story...

A new approach to flow meter calibration 30/08/2016
Neil Bowman suggests some alternatives to traditional set-time based calibration strategies. Full Story...

UK-based high pressure calibration facility 07/07/2015
NEL, supported by UK's National Measurement System, is set to create the UK’s only flow meter calibration facility capable of testing at elevated pressures and temperatures. Full Story...

Improving flowmeter calibration accuracy 27/01/2015
Dr Norman Glen, principal consultant at NEL, explains how the use of synthetic reference fluids can help improve flowmeter calibration accuracy.  Full Story...

Glasgow-based high capacity wet gas test facility 28/10/2014
NEL has created the UK’s only independent commercial test facility that can test meters to such high flow rates for wet gas conditions, and which is also capable of using oil and water components simultaneously. Full Story...

Moving meter calibration into the 21st Century 18/03/2014
Calibration is fundamental to the operation of any measurement system. Without regular comparison to national standards it is difficult, or impossible, to demonstrate the continued satisfactory operation of a measurement system to the regulatory authorities. Craig Marshall, project engineer at NEL, discusses the need for a more innovative approach to calibration of offshore fiscal measurement devices. Full Story...

Minimising the installation effect of flowmeters 14/01/2014
Craig Marshall, project engineer at NEL, discusses how and why installation effects cause errors in flow measurement, and looks at ways of reducing this problem. Full Story...

Calibration of oil & gas flow meters 01/03/2013
Craig Marshall, project engineer at NEL, explains how operators of calibration facilities, users requesting calibrations and engineers having to establish a calibration for flow meters can best apply the general principles of calibration when measuring fluids and gas. Full Story...