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Looking into the future of SCADA 09/10/2023
Control Engineering Europe spoke with Kyle Reissner, VP Product Management at ICONICS, about supervisory control and data acquisition software. Full Story...

Is SCADA shaping the smart factories of the future? 14/02/2023
Suzanne Gill asked a variety of SCADA providers what they thought were the most important features of modern SCADA systems, and why? Full Story...

Gaining actionable insight 05/12/2022
Find out how modern SCADA solutions can offer actionable insight to allow for better monitoring and control of production processes. Full Story...

Thoroughly modern SCADA solutions 15/02/2022
Tom Burke argues that now is the time for engineers to take another look at SCADA to see how much more modern systems are able to help organisations achieve their Industry 4.0 goals. Full Story...

Data Center company nets scalable sustainability from new monitoring software 10/05/2021
Interxion Netherlands was seeking a data center monitoring solution for its data centers located in the Amsterdam metro area. Find out more... Full Story...

Next generation of Genesis HMI/SCADA software introduced 01/10/2013
ICONICS, a provider of web-enabled, OPC-based, HMI/SCADA visualisation and manufacturing intelligence software for Microsoft Windows operating systems, has released v10.8 of its GENESIS64 HMI/SCADA software suite. Full Story...

Liberating operators from the control room 07/05/2013
There is universal agreement that mobile devices will be making an appearance on more plant floors in the future, although agreement from automation suppliers on a timescale for this to become general practice is less easy to come by. Suzanne Gill reports. Full Story...

Visualising future trends 12/06/2012
Russ Agrusa, founder and CEO of Iconics, a developer of real-time visualisation and automation software, talks about the innovations that he feels will have the biggest impact in the process automation industry in the coming years. Full Story...