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Bringing old technology into the digital era 20/07/2020
Control Engineering Europe finds out how a traditional mains-driven geared motor can be integrated into the IIoT without the need for a frequency inverter. Full Story...

Direct current to the rescue 04/05/2018
Control Engineering Europe finds out more about a new approach to energy efficiency and system cost optimisation through the use of a DC grid. Full Story...

The importance of drive train efficiency 06/12/2016
Manufacturers today are chasing efficiency figures which could only have been dreamed of 10 years ago. However, it is important to look beyond the motor for increased drive train efficiencies.  Full Story...

Delivering IE4 savings for a Zone 1 application 02/02/2016
Applications in explosion hazardous areas are currently exempt from the EU regulations on minimum energy efficiency. This can put industries such as petrochemical, oil and gas and mining at a disadvantage when trying to improve overall site efficiency. Control Engineering Europe looks at one company who has overcome this disadvantage. Full Story...

The IE4 effect on the motor market 11/03/2014
The IE2 regulations effectively cleaned-up the lower efficiency end of the market – if an application requires a motor to operate rarely, then its energy consumption is not so critical and users will want the cheapest machine they can buy that will be reliable. The IE2 regulations are intended to make sure that new motors being supplied into these conditions still meet a minimum standard of efficiency. Full Story...

40% energy savings shown for permanent magnetic synchronous motor 03/12/2012
The results of a direct product comparison test show how the latest IE4, super premium efficiency permanent magnetic synchronous motor, from Bauer Gear Motor, performed against a standard asynchronous motor. Full Story...