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PLCopen Safe Motion: first specification released 31/07/2017
The PLCopen Safe Motion version 1.0  specification  can now be downloaded from the PLCopen website. Full Story...

PLCopen Software Construction Guidelines 22/04/2016
The PLCopen Coding Guidelines version 1.0 have been released as part of the Software Construction Guidelines initiative. Full Story...

PLCopen – coding guidelines released for comments 29/07/2015
In 2013 a PLCopen working group started to create guidelines on the software construction process with a focus on IEC 61131-3 and the PLCopen extensions. The goal is to provide the definition of rules, coding patterns and guidance on how to use them in industrial automation. Full Story...

OPC-UA client function blocks for IEC 61131-3 15/04/2014
Cooperation between PLCopen and OPC Foundation began in 2008 to map the IEC 61131-3 Software Model to the OPC UA information model, which was released in March 2010 by both organisations.  Full Story...

Designing DCS’s with IEC 61131 compliant controllers 01/05/2012
Increasingly, machine builders are faced with distributed control systems. In general, it is possible to design distributed control systems with IEC 61131 compliant controllers. However, you need some manufacturer-specific additions to achieve this. Full Story...

Copalp system passes PLCopen tests 13/09/2011
PLCopen has announced that Copalp has successfully passed the tests performed by the test laboratory of iƒak in Germany, for the Certification of a system according to PLCopen Conformity Level ST (Structured Text for its Straton version 8.2 offering. Full Story...

PLCopen conformity level ST certification 19/07/2011
One of the activities of PLCopen is the certification of the IEC 61131-3 editors. The subject of testing and certification are software tools, which are implemented according to the standard IEC 61131-3 and additional requirements of PLCopen. Full Story...