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De-mystifying PID feedback loop control 09/07/2013
Many people are still mystified by PID, which stands for Proportional Integral Derivative, terms borrowed from calculus. It is not, therefore, a great surprise that many are concerned about the thought of grappling with the complexities of feedback control, says Jez Watson, managing director of CD Automation. Full Story...

Online configurator helps engineers match thyristors to different machine loads 31/10/2012
CD Automation’s newly launched Application Product Selector effectively cross-tabulates different single and three-phase machine loads from 30A to 2700A from a comprehensive range of thyristor power controllers.  Full Story...

REVO CL Single Phase Thyristor for Industrial Heating 21/09/2012
REVO CL is a fully digital single phase universal thyristor power controller based on a powerful dedicated microprocessor. Full Story...

Two phase control of three phase heating loads with thyristor (SCR) power controllers 07/09/2012
An economical means of switching three phase heating loads is to switch two phases only. This is possible on delta or floating star (no neutral) loads with constant resistance heaters. Full Story...

Smart Power Controller offers total flexibility 09/08/2012
Full Story...

Thyristor power controller aids selection for inductive & transformer loads 15/05/2012
The REVO-CL from CD Automation is designed to aid customers in selecting the right thyristor power controller for their application. Full Story...

Save money with the integrated temperature control & power solution 27/03/2012
CD Automation has released a single loop temperature control & power solution that dramatically reduces wiring costs and cabinet size. Full Story...