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Editorial archive;

Which encoder? 29/04/2018
Mark Howard looks at the merits of shaft encoders and bearingless encoders and where design engineers might deploy each type. Full Story...

The World’s toughest encoder? 26/02/2018
Zettlex has introduced a new range of 58mm Shaft IncOders, which, it says, are the world’s toughest encoders. These non-contact devices are designed for precise angle measurement in harsh environments. Full Story...

Measuring torque with angle sensors 12/12/2017
Dr Darran Kreit discusses a technique for measuring torque with angle sensors which was first used in the 1950s. Although it offers many advantages, the technique had fallen out of fashion but is now making a comeback due to new developments in inductive angle sensors. Full Story...

Accurate position sensors for tough conditions 30/01/2013
There are 34,560 products in the new IncOder range from Zettlex. IncOder is a range of high precision, high reliability devices for absolute angle measurement in harsh environments. Full Story...

Tandem encoders explained 07/02/2012
Tandem Encoders are increasingly being used by mechanical and electrical designers. Mark Howard, of Zettlex, explains more about this relatively new term. Full Story...

Measuring position or speed in harsh environments 29/03/2011
Harsh environments come in many forms but their common feature is that they place heavy demands on control equipment. The failure of position or speed sensors in the field can have a massive technical or commercial impact. So how do you make sure your sensors will not fail when the going gets tough? Mark Howard from Zettlex examines the options. Full Story...

Incremental versus absolute sensors 20/12/2010
Would you choose incremental position sensors over absolute versions for cost reasons? If so, it may be time to think again, says Mark Howard, general manager of Zettlex. Full Story...

Potentiometers suffering because of the failure of a few in harsh environments 19/11/2010
Potentiometers have been around for many years and are still the most commonly used position sensor. So, why do design engineers always look for a non-contact alternative? Mark Howard of Zettlex examines this question and explains the pros and cons of potentiometers Full Story...