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Editorial archive;

Pay as you sense 12/01/2021
Equipment rentals can help companies overcome the hurdle of finding investment capital to fund development and verification projects. Full Story...

Performance testing of long service motors after re-engineering 10/06/2018
Having built a test station to its own specification based around a piezo electric torque transducer, industrial motor manufacturer, Solutions Engineering, is able to test the performance of its motors. Full Story...

Optical rotary torque sensors for low torque and high band width measurements 08/04/2018
Sensor Technology has launched the digital ORT 230/240 series optical rotary torque sensors for applications when the demand is for low torque and/or high bandwidth, providing precise, dynamic measurement of rotary and static torque of less than 100Nm and for bandwidths of up to 50kHz. Full Story...

Sensing growth opportunities 10/05/2011
Tony Ingham of Sensor Technology looks at what it will take to run a small technology company in the second decade of the millennium and suggests parallels with the wider world. Full Story...

Smart load Sensor 21/09/2010
A smart load sensor developed in the UK by Sensor Technology provides all the information needed to optimise efficiency and increase profitability of a wide range of industrial operations. Full Story...

Research improves servo dynamics 11/11/2008
The University of Manchester, UK, demonstrated servo systems with improved dynamics through research led by Dr Nigel Schofield, of the Power Conversion Group. The research is said to have shown that increased performance was achieved with a Sensor Technology torque transducer. Full Story...

EMX turns to Sensor Technology for TorqSense 16/06/2008
Elektro Magnetix (EMX), electromagnetic design company, called on a torque measurement specialist to map the torque-current characteristics of a combined motor-generator developed for a Lotus-based hybrid car. Full Story...

Bradford University trials recycling solutions 01/10/2007
Engineers, led by Dr Raj Patel, at Bradford University are seeking to boost plastic waste recycling with the construction of a pilot plant. Full Story...

Ferrotec seals deal with Torqsense 27/02/2007
In precision manufacturing fields, such as electronics, biophysics and thin film deposition, tolerances are measured in atoms. This is often conducted in hard vacuum to remove airborne contaminants and avoid the performance reducing effects of tiny air movements. Full Story...