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Memory stick plugs the IO-Link gap 01/03/2011
It is still early days for the IO-Link smart sensor communication technology, and IO-Link masters, that allow the full functionality of the technology to be utilised, are not yet widely available. Full Story...

True 3D 04/09/2009
This compact industrial sensor sees three dimensions at once. It is the first industrial 3D sensor that can detect scenes and objects in three dimensions at a glance. The product is the result of ifm’s Integration of the PMD (photonic mixer device) time-of-flight measurement sensing technology into a full vision chip. Full Story...

At Hannover Fair: The Latest in Proximity Sensors 23/06/2009
It was over 50 years ago that two radio engineers, Walter Pepperl and Wilfried Gehl, were commissioned by BASF to find an alternative to mechanical contact switches. The challenge was to develop a robust component that would operate reliably after many thousands of cycles at very low currents, in the corrosive atmosphere of a chemical plant. What they came up with was the first inductive proximity switch, and their company Pepperl+Fuchs has gone on to become a leader in the technology. Full Story...

Electronic pressure sensor with ‘analogue’ display 28/05/2009
“Pressure gauges with a moving needle may conjure up thoughts of old-fashioned engineering, but maybe there’s a place for such things yet,” says Michael Schimanowski, the ifm electronic product manager for a new series of pressure measurement instruments. Full Story...

Elegant AS-i input modules 11/03/2009
With their stainless steel housing and smooth design, these ProcessLine modules accept four separate 4 - 20 mA signals and convert them for the AS-interface. Full Story...

Doing more than flow 30/11/2008
To compensate for fluctuations in pressure, temperature, viscosity, and density, flowmeters are taking extra sensors on board. Full Story...

RFID brings automation, business systems together 23/10/2008
The integration of business systems with factory floor automation is a challenge with many aspects to consider. However, one bright spot is clearly visible: RFID information technology, which helps bridge the gap. Full Story...