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‘High definition’ radar for level measurement 14/11/2009
The introduction of the latest generation of ultra fast microprocessors to radar sensors has made a difference for level measurement. The faster MPUs bring more computing power to signal analysis, which allows more complex processing algorithms to be performed. This in turn makes the measurement simpler and more reliable. Full Story...

Intelligent pump control 31/08/2009
Vega calls its new Vegamet 391 ‘the latest generation of signal conditioner’ but the instrument is equipped with enough I/O and logic that makes it, in effect, a pump controller. It monitors a single analogue signal (4-20 mA or HART) that represents the level in a tank and makes decisions based on that value. Though it won’t do PID control, it performs on/off control and can also compute flow (with totaliser), distance, weight, and can handle temperature. Full Story...

The “next generation” radar level sensors 24/06/2009
Vega’s next generation of pulse radar technology is based on an extension of its modular instrument concept, which was originally called plics®. At Interkama, Vega announced its plics®plus concept, which simplifies setup and adjustment, and introduced new housing versions and additional measuring principles. Full Story...

Tank inventory by the Web 11/03/2009
The basic prerequisite for effective inventory monitoring is reliable measurement data logging — and, most importantly, the supplier’s ability to gain access to the inventory data of the customer. Full Story...

A WAVE in a cup 26/12/2008
Premier Foods manufactures a range of packaged meals and soups at their site in Ashford, UK. Level probes are used to control the level of feed hoppers that supply the packing machines to fill sachets. These machines run at speeds varying from 160 to 600 packages per minute. The feed hoppers vary in size and use various agitators and vibrators to flow the powders. Full Story...